With the turmoil of the first season in the book, the APL is over to get football

So, a lot of time has passed, a lot of time has passed in the drink as they said, but as the last A-Leg season ended last night I had to share some ideas and thoughts on this platform.

It has its ups and downs this season, but the game has a lot of work to do before next season. Some things need urgent attention and can be picked up very quickly, others will take some time, but are extremely important, and need to be done.

Here are my thoughts on the issues facing football at the moment.

Hat scrap

This is a never ending story, but it really has to go, because it is now hindering the potential growth of our big clubs and the league as a whole. If some of our big clubs want to spend $ 15 million- $ 20 million on their wage budget, just because they can, then so be it.

Letting this happen make our football clubs more competitive in Asia and more recognized abroad.

The APL requires a minimum of 28 member squads and a minimum wage per player (according to their age) which is already set automatically by the CBA on minimum wages for all clubs, so we have no clubs over $ 10 million and some costs below $ 1 million.

Domestic relocation system

There’s been a lot of talk about this lately, and it looks like it’s finally happening, but apparently not yet for A-League clubs, which is ridiculous. It needs to be open to the whole market, including the A-League clubs, as it will bring a whole new domestic football economy.

So clubs like CCM or Wellington, if they wish, can cash in some young players to one of the big clubs in the competition, as well as other loans, transfers, etc. can happen and the extra money will spread throughout the league. Even the FA can deduct 2 percent or 3 percent from all transfers as a fee.

National Second Division

This should happen soon, and it should start after 2022 or last in 2023. I understand that we may not be ready for full promotion and relegation for a while, but we need more than 12 clubs in the league, so the promotion needs to come from here.

The days of starting a brand new club are gone. We can bring the next 4-6 clubs from NSD.

However, in the medium to long term, we really need to sort out the relegation element. APL clubs need to understand that without allowing expulsions from the AL, because the owners have paid some ridiculous fees to buy some of these clubs over the past decade, the game has been widely held.

Promotion / relegation needs to be open to everyone, and although some may lose in the short term, the whole game with our national team is won in the long run.

Adam Le Fondre controls the ball in the FFA Cup Round of 32

(Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

Soccer infrastructure

It is great to see Matildas’ new home in La Trobe, Victoria, and the opening of a new training base in Dandenong, Melbourne City. This is where our sport lags far behind the rest. Especially at the local level, a lot of space has been created in the last few years in most states, but many local clubs still need better facilities.

At the A-League level, with the exception of Brisbane Roar and Western United, most clubs now have suitable stadiums to play. The latter will soon break down based on their training facilities, which will provide a 5000-seat stadium, which is not for the A-League team, but they can use it as soon as they are ready in about 12 months.

The Roar is a huge concern overall, their owners have really disappointed their fans in the last five years, when they now have to work out where to play in the long run.

Melbourne City may use AAMI Park for the time being, but you would love to come up with some plans for a small stadium in Dandenong for their mega-rich owners, where they are now based. If this ever happens, it will occupy a huge part of Melbourne’s geography, depending on where the three clubs will play.

Conquest of CBD and inner suburbs, Tarneit at Western Out and West suburbs and City Dandenong and Southeast.

Everyone in the A-League club needs their own training facilities. Key facts – Melbourne Conquest, after 16 years of success in and out of the park, is still looking for a place to establish a training base and an academy.


It must improve next season, obviously. Hopefully heavy COVID restrictions and state border closures are now a thing of the past, a good schedule will do some wonderful work next season along with some decent marketing, which the league needs again.

I know marquee players have become a hot topic again, but in my opinion, they have always been hit and missed, and there is no guarantee of a return. Only Alessandro Del Piero and Dwight Yorke have influenced what the APL is looking for, in terms of instant recognition, big gates on the field and regular media spotlight.

Other lesser known marquee players have done very well on the field, but not much outside.

In-game ads are a disgrace, and the league will single-handedly kill some of the league’s still small but rusty fans, and some have been able to hold back during very turbulent times. These will have to close next season at any cost.

If necessary they can run banner ads for most of the game, but the game is a continuous game, sometimes with only a few goal chances for the full 90 minutes, which cannot be missed, so it should be stopped immediately.

Another part of the schedule that I will change is the date of the Australia Cup final. I will play two semifinals of the Australia Cup next weekend of the A-League Grand Final and play the final the following weekend, making it the last game of the year. And force A-League teams to play from Round of 64, including a completely open draw, which means more games for all teams.

Ideally, a 16-18 team league gives us 30-34 league games, along with the Australia Cup and future Super Cups, which should happen.

Danny Townsend speaks at the Sydney FC Media Opportunity

(Photo by Mark Evans / Getty Images)


The Paramount + app needs to work immediately. If you can’t give the football-loving public, or any other interested person, a chance to pause, rewind, or start a live football game, then the broadcaster is not caring or bothering to listen to their clients! Clients who do this can do the same thing in apps like Optus Sport, Stan, Bein Sports, Kayo and other platforms out there.

Also, people like me, who are football crazy, but have little kids, can’t watch the whole game after playing the final whistle, which is a big problem. We must not wait 12 hours to see a game we just missed, when we are not able to rewind or start. It’s just a primitive thing, and the APL needs to sort it out with Paramount as soon as possible.

Ticket price

A stress point in any marketing plan, and to be successful you need to get it right, especially if you are still trying to grow the product. If its value is not right, then you are not giving yourself the best chance of success and it can actually have an adverse effect on some people.

Now, I realize it can cost a lot to play in some grounds, but I see a lot of GA ticket prices around লি 40 per game in the vicinity of the league, now it’s too much. The APL সর্বোচ্চ 30 maximum GA ticket price is better to bring across the league, and instead of paying some foreign-based older players who will not have the desired effect on the field, it is better to subsidize more.

All-Stars concept

I usually hate it, but I’m afraid it’s here to stay. If anything, the Bar সফa tour is a success. They definitely increase good crowds, good ratings, and overall interest in the game. They attract football casual, Eurosnobs and non-football people, who need sports.

They should take these games across the country, tidying up different stadiums, against world-class opposition. Attracting those people to their local A-League games now depends on the APL. This is a gimmick, but a very necessary one at the moment.

These are my points about what needs to be done, and most of it can be done next season.

Roaring, do you agree or disagree?

Do you feel the need to change or improve?

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