With nothing but respect for Kerr’s bravery, Daniels is climbing the draft hypothesis

Michael Jordan will be universally praised forever but when it comes to Chicago’s 1990s dynasty, Steve Kerr is a player who loses even his “airness” in terms of honor.

Anyone who has not seen Kerr’s sensitive and touching press conference earlier this week when he urged American politicians to finally make meaningful changes to the nation’s ancient gun law, you know why he is a true leader.

In a Texas school shooting that killed 21 people, mostly students, Kerr told the assembled media that basketball was irrelevant on such a day and used his platform to call the U.S. Senate for its failure. To pass a bill to institute a universal background check institute for the purchase of guns.

“I am just tired of being here to offer my condolences to the bereaved families. I’m tired of excuses, I’m tired of moments of silence. Enough! “He demanded.

The Golden State coach speaks from the heart because his family knows what it feels like to take a loved one in moments.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - May 07: Head coach Steve Kerr reacts against Memphis Grizzlies during the first half of the three games of the Western Conference semifinals of the NBA Playoffs on May 07, 2022 at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California.  Note to the User: The User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading or using this photograph, the User agrees to the terms of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Theron W. Henderson / Getty Images)

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His father, Malcolm, an academic who specializes in Middle Eastern research, was shot dead by terrorists in 1984 at the American University of Beirut at the age of 52, where he was president of the school.

Steve was then 18 years old and a freshman at the University of Arizona. Understandably, the memory of that January day is still fresh, when he woke up at 3am to hear the terrible news in his dorm room.

In the last episode of The Last Dance Documentary, which gripped sports fans around the world during the first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic two years ago, Kerr explained how his father’s murder shaped his thinking about the world and how it disillusioned him as well.

Kerr has never been a star player in his 15-year NBA career but the three-point specialist has achieved great feats, winning five championships along the way – three with Jordan’s 96-98 Bulls and the other two before retiring five years later in San Antonio.

He added three more rings to his collection as Warriors coach and could well hold his side to a 3-1 win over Dallas in the Western Conference final at home in Friday’s game five.

Whether the Celtics beat Miami 3-2 on Thursday or win the last two matches of the Eastern Conference Final, the Warriors will be the favorites against any opponent. And they will get home-court benefits.

Kerr’s speech alone will not be enough to bring about change in gun-crazy America, but it will accelerate progress.

But he is a true leader who speaks intelligibly, an uncomfortable truth for a nation to hear.

(Photo Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

This was the strength of leadership displayed by outspoken coaches like Kerr and his old Spurs mentor Greg Popovich, even a light-hearted pressure for them to lead until the last U.S. election.

The United States can do worse than having two people like this in the White House. In fact, as we have seen from previous administrations, they can do worse.

Daniels Mock is getting on the draft board

Australian prospect Dyson Daniels may end up with Josh Gidey in the Oklahoma City Thunder, but New York or Cleveland looks like a potential destination for the teen guard.

Daniels is sure to make it to the first round of the NBA Draft next month and looks like he has risen to the top 14 in the lottery slot, and some American college experts have named Adam Silver as one of the top 10 names read by the commissioner.

Draft Express guru Jonathan Givni has even claimed that Daniels created the “top-five pick buzz” after showing off his athleticism and improved shooting chops at the NBA Combine earlier this week.

He posted 11.3 points, 6.2 rebounds and 1.9 steals per game with G-League Ignite to bypass the college route and compared Giddy a lot because he is a tall guard – a tick over 2 meters – whose strength is his passing.

As great as it would be to end up with Giddy in the Thunder, for those who have the No. 12 pick, it wouldn’t make sense for OKC or Daniels as they co-exist, especially on the backcourt with Shy Gilgius-Alexander.

The Knicks need a guard who can pass and defend and they are a potential landing spot at No. 11 although in many mock drafts Daniels has fallen to No. 14 in the final lottery spot, which means he will end up in Cleveland.

With Colin Sexton likely to be the deal taker, the Cavaliers will be a great franchise for Daniels to start his NBA career. He will partner for the first time with All-Star guard Darius Garland and on the front court with last year’s impressive No. 3 pick Evan Mobley, a team with a young core who should be in the playoffs for the foreseeable future.

Daniels was a fan of Matthew Delavedova in the Boomers legend Cavaliers days highlighted by his efforts in the 2015 and 2016 final campaigns so it would be ruthless if he ended up there too.

Dyson Daniels

Dyson Daniels is one of the rising stars of Australian basketball. (Photo by Joe Baglewich / Getty Images)

The knockout on Daniels was his shooting – he averaged 45% off the field and only 25% from the three-point range in the G-League to prevent teams from picking him in the top 10 but his camp was reportedly spotted.

He sensibly told reporters at Combine that as good as it would be to have Gidey as a teammate next season, he would prefer to go to a team that is going to be suitable for his career. “Hopefully one day I can definitely play with Josh,” he said.

With Daly, Patty Mills and Joe Ingles entering the final stages of their international careers, Dyson and Gide must end up as green and gold teammates as the Boomers seek to improve their 2021 Tokyo Olympic bronze medal at the 2024 Paris Games. .

Must watch the match

Friday – Mavericks at Warriors, 11 a.m.

It was great for Golden State to let Dallas win four games but now it’s time to complete their “gentlemen’s sweep” by finishing 4-1 to reach their first NBA final since their dramatic boyover rate. Toronto in 2019.

Saturday – Celtics heat, 10.30am

Only four of Miami’s players reached double figures at Thursday’s 93-80, with no one hitting 20. And it was in Florida – how do they get to the wooden floor in Boston?

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