Will the Vikings make amazing cuts?

Justin Jefferson / BC Johnson

November 29, 2020; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson (18) smiles with wide receiver BC Johnson (81) on the bench in the fourth quarter against the Carolina Panthers at US Bank Stadium. Compulsory Credit: Brace Hemelgarn – USA Today Sports

Rookie camps are going on throughout the NFL. The Vikings coaches are getting the first look at their draft pick. It’s always been an exciting time in the NFL.

Every year rookies and tryouts get to show their talent to the world. For preliminary draft picks like Lewis Cine and Andrew Booth Jr., it’s not about team building. For them, it proves that they are capable of being starters in September.

However, for late-round picks like Naylor and Chandler, they have to prove that they belong to the league. Rookie camp is their first chance to do it. At this point, they’re just trying to prove that they’re in the same sentence as Cine and Booth.

However, as the camp progressed and OTA and training camps went, things became more real. These guys have to prove their worth.

Are they ready to make a list of 53 people? Or are they just good enough for the practice squad? Or worse, will they be cut off and their dreams shattered?

Only time will tell. However, we are seeing some amazing cuts this summer.

Could Ty Chandler be RB2?

March 3, 2022; Indianapolis, IN, USA; North Carolina’s Tar Hales is running behind Tie Chandler. Compulsory Credit: Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports.

One of the players I see this year is Tie Chandler. He’s an interesting prospect who has a real chance to make the 53-man list. If he does 53, then who will cut?

Well, we know no running back. Dalvin Cook is not going anywhere and why would Nawangu kick back. It leaves only one person, Alexander Mattison.

This may confuse some fans, which is understandable. After all, when Cook was injured, Mattison was able to make it. And make no mistake, Cook will probably miss the time this season.

However, there is a key problem with Mattison. He makes mistakes very often. It happened against the Seahawks in prime time in one of the most significant times.

It was 4th and 1st, and if the Vikings get down 1st, they can win. They hand the ball over to Mattison and he returns straight to a defender. However, the Vikings lost the game.

Mattison’s mistake is a big problem when it comes to fielding. Unfortunately, this can never be corrected. The good news is Ty Chandler doesn’t seem to have this problem. In fact, reading correctly is one of his strengths.

This led me to believe that Mattison could be out the door. However, Chandler still has to prove himself worthy. This is not to say that he has confirmed a roster spot in the second round draft election.

Could the receiver room change?

December 30, 2021; Atlanta, GA, USA; Michigan State Spartans wide receiver Jalen Naylor. Compulsory Credit: Brett Davis-USA Today Sports.

Every fan knows that the three main receivers will be Jefferson, Thilen and Osborne. However, after that, things became interesting.

The Vikings have several quality options for four and five wide receivers. Ihmir Smith-Marcet, BC Johnson and Jalen Naylor have legitimate potential to fill these roles. However, one of them has a hand.

Smith-Marcet should escape with four spots on the wide receiver. Towards the end of the 2021 season, he showed some great potential. In addition, he’s probably the Punt Returner for 2022, which guarantees him a place.

BC Johnson’s route to the 53-man list is not so clear. He is recovering from an ACL injury and will have to prove himself again. Although he had a tough rookie season, and if he can replicate that performance, he has a real chance to make the team.

However, Naylor is tough. He has great playing ability, can catch and has great top-end speed. This puts his hand on BC Johnson’s recovery.

In fact, Naylor is going to crush BC in the camp. As a result, the Vikings will either cut BC or put him on a training squad. However, he is good enough to make an NFL roster, so don’t be surprised if another team signs him as soon as he is released from the Vikings.

Mitch Massman is a lifelong Vikings fan. His first heartbreak was playing in the 1998 NFC Championship. His full-time job as an economic development professional in rural Minnesota. He imagines the Vikings winning the Super Bowl one day, but until then he will write about the Vikings. Follow him on Twitter skol_vikings3

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