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Georgia defensive back Lewis Cine. News Joshua L. Jones

All Minnesota Vikings fans should have high expectations for their first round selection, Lewis Sean. Georgia Bulldog player New General Manager Quesi Adofo-Mensah was targeted in the draft, and he was very happy when he called.

Nowadays first-round security is rarely created because the position is not seen as a “high-value position” as opposed to quarterbacks, cornerbacks, offensive tackles and wide receivers. However, the teams make significant contributions from rookie security. The learning curve is different for different positions, but for safety it seems easier to come to the league and play at a higher level.

We will look at the positions of the most drafted players last season. No security was taken in the first round in any of the previous two seasons. However, eight of them were selected in the second round.

Lewis Cine has received approval from Future Hoffer
Lewis Cine


The first security selected in last year’s draft was Jevan Holland. The 36th Peak played his college ball at the University of Oregon. Holland received a PFF grade of 84.7 in his rookie season and is already in the league’s top security talks. His grade in safety puts him fourth.

After just seven picks, the Las Vegas Raiders picked Trevon Mohrig. He missed a single snap in his rookie season and earned a PFF grade of 72.5, making him the 25th highest rated security. Both Mohrig and Holland were part of the pro football writers of the American NFL All-Rookie team.


As with 2021, no security in 2020 received a call during the first round of the draft. However, five of them have been selected in the second round. They have all contributed and have played really well so far in their young careers.

The Giants started the run for safety when they picked former Alabama player, Javier McKinney. He missed some parts of his rookie year with a broken leg, but since returning in November 2020, he has played great and secured the starting job. He was one of the bright spots of the frustrated giant team.

Kyle Dogger was a patriotic choice. He has played over 1500 snaps in defense and special team in two seasons with the team. Duger showed elite athleticism, and despite playing for Lenoir-Rhine in college, it didn’t take long for him to get used to the pace in the NFL. He should be an important part of Bill Belichick’s plan for the long term.

Jeremy Chin was a Panther in the same second round and showed elite potential early in his career. He is already one of the best security at the professional level.

Vikings fans desperately wanted the team to draft Antoine Winfield Jr., but their wishes were not heeded. Instead, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted him. In his rookie year, he became the Super Bowl Champion, and in his second year, he went to his first Pro Bowl. In addition, he was ranked second in PFF’s security in 2021

. The Brownes have chosen LSU’s Grant Delpit. He was the third security guard to come out of the board. Delpit missed his rookie campaign due to torn Achilles tendon but played a key role in his second season at Cleveland and showed why he was a top draft pick.

First round security

Between 2017 and 2019, eight Safetys heard Roger Goodell read their names in the first round. Two elections in 2019, Savage and Abram, failed to meet expectations. However, both Packers and Raiders are strong contributors.

The 2018 draft was a great one for the defensive back. The Dolphins have drafted Minkah Fitzpatrick, a two-time first-team All-Pro. Darwin James fell to the Chargers with 17 picks. James was a former All-Pro and in 2021 a Pro-bowler. Jesse Bates led the Bengals to a second-round selection, a 2020 second-team All-Pro and all safety, including his PFF grade in 2020.

Jamal Adams is one of the best players in the 2017 draft class. He is a three-time All-Pro and one of the best boxers of all time. The two-time All-Pro Buddha Baker was part of the same class and is widely regarded as one of the best in the league. The picking of the Jets in the second round is a good security, as seen in the big deal he signed with the New Orleans Saints. A year ago, the Jets used the franchise tag on their star defender.

Marcus Williams, the second-round pick of the 2017 Saints, has become one of the league’s best defenders in his own right. He has finished four of his top five seasons in the top-10 PFF safety grade. However, most Vikings fans remember him for his infamous contribution to the Minneapolis Miracle, where he missed a tackle by Stephen Diggs.

Lewis Cine

March 5, 2022; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Georgia defensive back Lewis Cine. Compulsory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports.

The former Georgia Bulldog was Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s first choice for a reason. He’s an athlete, extremely fast, he can hit hard, and he can cover. Rookie defenses come into the league and can instantly play at a higher level Sean hopes to help bring the Vikings’ defense back to a respectable level after two years of sub-par play.

The floor of the first-round safety is an average player, where the ceiling belongs to the superstar. Complete miss rate is low. He will learn from six-time pro-bowler Harrison Smith, which will help him develop. The security on Smith’s side usually looks better than theirs. However, there has never been a talented player like Sean next to Smith, and therefore, the sky is the limit for Rookie. With Adopho-Mensah’s first Vikings selection, expectations for Lewis Sean rightly skyrocketed.

The role of leadership

At Rookie MiniCamp, the new head coach, Kevin O’Connell, gave him the job of being the leader of the other boys in the neighborhood – a job he took on completely.

“I told him today, ‘Hey, take this team here. You have a reason to pick our first round draft, ” O’Connell explained. “She’s got that makeup, and it’s natural for her to be led by example. But I challenged her and said, ‘Take the rest of that DB group under your wing. You have Andrew.’ [Booth, Jr.] I have Akayelab with you [Evans] And there are some people we’re going to count on to compete. “

– Kevin O’Connell, Lewis Sean

O’Connell added that he doesn’t plan on holding his rookie when the seniors become part of the practice next week. It shows that he believes in Cine and has high expectations for him and he wants to play a big role in promoting his Rocky for the Vikings.

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