Who is the best team in AFC North right now?

Joe Barrow of the Cincinnati Bengals tries to pass against the Cleveland Browns at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 25, 2020.
(Photo by Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

With the NFL team in the AFC North, 2022 could be an exciting season.

The Baltimore Ravens have hurt themselves by trading the Hollywood Brown, which has annoyed Lamar Jackson.

Cleveland and the Browns have drama about their quarterback situation.

Pittsburgh is entering their first season without Ben Rothlisberger as a quarterback.

And the Cincinnati Bengals are losing to their Super Bowl 56 Los Angeles Rams.

While every fan of this AFC North team thinks their team is the best, only one team out there can be the best.

Trade, Free Agent Signing and Draft Day are behind us, who is the best team in AFC North right now?

Pittsburgh and Baltimore are not the best

The two teams generally considered the best in the AFC North are Steelers and Ravens.

However, they are no longer in the discussion for the best team of AFC North.

The Ravens lost their place when Brown traded.

When Jackson heard of the move, it really bothered him.

He let the world know his frustration with the move through some of his blunt tweets about the deal.

In Pittsburgh, they are dealing with a quarterback problem.

They do not know whether Mitchell Trubiski or Kenny Pickett will occupy Big Ben’s throne in Steel City.

With both teams having problems, they are clearly out of the race to be the best.

We now have two teams left on the list.

Cleveland is not the best

Despite all the steps taken in 2022, they are still not the best in the AFC North.

Yes, they got Deshaun Watson and Amari Cooper.

Yes, they still have a strong defensive unit.

However, they could see Watson suspended for some time in the 2022 season.

If Watson misses four to six matches, it could knock the Browns out of the playoffs.

So based on the fact that he could probably miss six matches, it takes what the Browns did to be the best.

It now leaves only one team who can wear the crown of the best team in the AFC North.

The Bengals are currently the best in the AFC North

Making it to the Super Bowl automatically makes you one of the best teams in the NFL.

Though Bengal have lost a few players to the Free Agency, they still have some key players.

They also have an up-and-coming superstar with Joe Barrow.

Twelve and Jamar Chase had nightmares for the defense.

Their late-quarter heroism took them to the Super Bowl.

Just ask Kansas City and how they lost twice in the Bengal offense towards the end of the game.

In addition to a couple of punches from Barrow and Chase, they have Joe Mixon, a tough running back who plays great when he’s healthy.

The fact that Cincinnati has all the tools they need for their offense gives them ample reason to be named the best team in the AFC North.

However, there are still doubts that Burrow seems to be a fluke.

But he will have the answer for those who come this winter.

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