White Sox Reporter shares positive updates on 2 key pitchers

The Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Lucas Giolito pitched in the first innings against the Los Angeles Angeles at the Guaranteed Rate Field on April 29, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
(Photo by Queen Harris / Getty Images)

The Chicago White Sox probably didn’t expect to be in second place in mid-May.

But there they have a mediocre (by their standards) 17-17 record and three games behind the Minnesota Twins.

They have been plagued by injury bugs, losing Eloy Jimenez, Lucas Giolito, Lance Lin, Aaron Baumer and other key players at some point in the season.

Giolito missed a few days after being included in the Covid-19 list.

He has felt some mild symptoms, but seems ready to take the ball on Wednesday.

“Lucas Giolito flew in today and is hoping to pitch tomorrow. That would push everyone else — Velasquez, Quechel, Kopech — back one day and leave Sunday for a choice between Siege and Queto. Lance Lynn is scheduled to hit the Heaters in New York on Friday, “Athletics’ James Fagan tweeted.

Giolito is ready to go back; Lin has to stay in a few weeks

Giolito is feeling well, and his return is a significant encouragement for the White Sox rotation.

All in all, he is posting a strong 2.70 ERA and 1.13 WHIP in 26.2 frames with 37 strikeouts.

He’s actually enjoying one of the best seasons of his career, but it’s still too early.

Lynn, on the other hand, is getting closer and closer.

Last year, Lin was a legitimate Sai Young candidate, so a return to top form would be huge for the White Sox as they try to make up for some lost games.

Lin is currently suffering from knee problems and is still expected to return in early June.

He is ready to face the Heaters, and from there he will graduate to start the minor leagues.

Although he needs two or three, he is definitely getting closer.

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