What you need to win everything on your NRL side

After a magical round footy, some parties seem to be looking for answers, and others are just moving on with their business and moving on to September.

After each team was able to watch the game live, I wanted to break down a position, a player or even a coach that might require each team to take their side to the next level.

If you agree or disagree, fight it in the comments, but let’s start from the top of the table to the bottom.

Penrith Panthers
They easily ran through the competition favorites. It’s hard to find anything they need.

If the reports are true of Liam Martin, it will be their second row next year. They may want to develop a young back row for next year. That’s all I can think of.

Melbourne storm
They need depth of spine.

It’s easy to accept that Storm is the best backbone in rugby league today. But their depth is rigorously tested, as we have seen over the weekend.

Throwing a half / hooker at fullback and a severely underdone halfback at Cooper Johns, the holes were there and must have been on display.

By the way, the best was Storm Side in 2017, when their backbone backs were Brandon Smith, Brady Croft, Riley Jax and Jahrom Hughes. Depth is always important.

Jahrom Hughes runs.

(Photo by Bradley Canaris / Getty Images)

North Queensland Cowboys
A team that is playing well according to their pre-season predictions is well covered throughout their squad.

The only thing I can say here is that they have to give Jason Toumalolo one more minute. Attention Todd Petten.

Sydney rosters
Whether it’s a sombrero joke, or a Nick Politics joke, roosters are never less than star players. In 2023, this issue will be covered, but this year, they really have to sit on a hooker.

They have Connor Watson, who plays like a lot of locks, Drew Hutchinson, who is a good half, and Sam Verrills, who can be very short. This year they need a hooker to be able to compete fully in 2022.

Cronula shark
One of the brightest lights of 2022 under new head coach Craig Fitzgerald, the Sharks are playing fun and entertaining footy.

With Nico Hynes running the show, they need a more direct partner. It’s not a blow to Matt Mylan, who has had enough, but a strong half-partnership with Hynes will take them to the very next level.

Paramatman Ils
Interestingly enough, there may be a lack of game-breaking behind the eels, of course.

But whatever they do to play Melbourne and Penrith – they need 30 weeks in a row! Imagine, para fans …

Nelson Asofa-Solomona.  (Photo by Kelly Defina / Getty Images)

(Photo by Kelly Defina / Getty Images)

Brisbane Broncos
They may have found a good plug for the moment with Jack Turpin, Tyson Gamble and Te Maire Martin, but to compete in 2022, they really need to fix their spine and place the best possible spine around him while Adam Reynolds is in his prime.

Their pack is a great young pack and their outer backs are absolutely delightful to look at. But in the long run they have to address one, six and nine jerseys.

South Sydney Rabbits
As well as the performance they perform, the Rabbitohs can do more harm than good with the front row.

Thomas Burgess and Tevita Tatola do their work. With the best back row in the footy, they tend to give up because the back row is so prominent.

But I’d love to see Damien Cook and the Rabbits with a strong pair in the front row, playing with that back row. It can be a pack unrivaled, if possible.

Manly Sea Eagles
With the Trobozevic brothers and Daly Cherry-Evans having a lot of money tied to it, it seems to have seldom spread among others.

Their pack could definitely use an upgrade. A pack made up of players with their prime, or a bit of travel, allows their pack to be upgraded to make Cherry-Evans and Trobozevic all sorts of disasters.

Their attack in 2021 was good, but this season it is a mere shadow.

Jake Trobozevic and Tom Trobozevic react after losing in the NRL Preliminary Final.

(Photo by Bradley Canaris / Getty Images)

Canberra Riders
I like the depth of the riders pack. I said on the record that it would only be ridiculed for it, but I beat their spine.

They are all stable players and Brad Snyder is a good young player. Jamal Fogarti is yet to come.

I think they need, given all the talent in their pack, a competent leader. Looks like Elliott Whitehead has been cast as that guy, but I don’t think he’s.

Also, they can ditching Ricky Stewart (don’t curse me).

New Zealand Warriors
Where do I start?

A new coach, a strike in the back, and as simple as he is, Wayde Egan is not the key, so they need new hookers.

Returning to the comfort of their own home can also be a major factor for them.

St. George Ilawara Dragons
Attempts to create new players as soon as they arrive Moneyball Strategy, some employers have certainly worked.

Players like Francis Mollo, Jaden Su’a (when not suspended) and Moses Mbaye have given their all this season.

I want to see them build a stable spine around the main man Ben Hunt, instead of cutting and changing.

In addition to the stock of forwards, they can really give more consistency.

Gold Coast Titans
They need a new recruitment team. Seriously.

They have invested so much money for the forwards, they have forgotten about a dummy half who is the main person giving the ball to these forwards.

(Photo by Matt King / Getty Images)

Without a strong nine, it makes the quality of the ball much harder. Promising like Toby Sexton, AJ Brimson and Jaden Campbell, they really need an experienced nine to drive their car around the park, and they lack it.

Newcastle Nights
Half. Half. Half.

Making Kalin Ponga almost involved him too much hurts him. Ponga is like Cody Walker, he needs a certain spot and a certain size of ball to be the best.

Players like Adam Clooney, Chris Randall and Jack Clifford may think enough, but it doesn’t help their core person move forward.

Chase any half for 2023 to build a good backbone, with an already quite strong forward pack.

West Tigers
They really need to stop buying rowers. They are constantly on the market for back rowers.

With the rise of Jackson Hastings as a really good buy, Luke Brooks is a good second receiver.

Complementing both of them with an experienced nine and an exciting one would be the ultimate complement. Having the right players around Brooks and Hastings can be absolutely key.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Yes, there is a temporary second row on their outer back right now. But a strong spine could make a difference for Michael Maguire.

Tigers head coach Michael Maguire

(Photo by Matt King / Getty Images)

Canterbury Bulldogs
Well, I was punched I was probably going to suggest a new coach.

You see, there is no denying that Trent Barrett is emotional. She wears her heart on her sleeve beside her. Unfortunately, emotion does not always win the premiere.

With a plethora of purchases, and two convenient players coming up next year for William Kikau and Reed Mahoney, the right coach could be the key to changing this squad and getting them to click.

Names that really come to mind are Shane Flanagan (the father of premiership-winning coaches and halfbacks), Christian Wolf (the man behind multiple Premiership in the Super League and the transformation of Rugby League in Tonga), Jim Dymock (former Bulldogs player) and Michael Ennis (former Bulldogs player). And analyst).

I really like Ennis’ insights for the games and he’s a coach in the making.

Did I cover your team properly? Do you agree or disagree?

Let me know in this comment. Enjoy the rest of the 2022 NRL season.

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