What is O’Brien’s goal in coaching the Knights?

Adam O’Brien is in his third season as Newcastle Knights coach and he hasn’t been a crash hot.

He went on to win the first two games of the Knights, losing seven in a row. There was terrible damage at home, so many online coaches think Newcastle has a bad coach.

I have a few questions that I will ask myself and answer.

Are the Knights still rebuilding? While I’m doing this, I have another question to add here: Hall Die hard A Christmas movie?

Both questions may be about two different topics and the answer to both is the same: Absolutely not!

The Knights were rebuilt by Nathan Brown. He brings the team back to the community, helps their signed marquee players and brings them out of the trenches.

Are the Knights retreating?

These questions have been asked a lot and realistically, they don’t.

Adam O'Brien

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Losing Mitchell Pierce was a huge blow but he will not last forever. Let’s be real here, he is not immortal.

When Jaden Braille returns, the Knights’ first-choice captain will show the necessary leadership of the team.

Kalin Ponga can improve in that area but more time is needed.

Can Newcastle still reach the final?

They have a chance to do it but Newcastle still has a mountain to climb and to get there they have to show a lot more than we showed in the first half of the season.

What are the long-term goals for Adam O’Brien?

He didn’t come to Newcastle to sell girl scout cookies, he came here to coach the Knights.

He came to town behind Nathan Brown, who had successfully completed his reconstruction mission.

The Knights coach has a mission to help turn the club into a powerhouse team, to bring a winning spirit to the team, to help the junior develop a winning spirit as much as possible, to keep the team and coaching staff he wants and to give the fans a team. Be proud.

It will not happen overnight and it will only take more than three years to get there.

He is taking the juniors out of the winning mentality of restructuring, hiring some young Englishmen, signing some young recruits and as time goes on they will get better as a team.

What should fans do?

Simple supporters need to support their team, stop talking about dismissing the coach and cut the nonsense through online beatings.

The Knights have to show the team that they can continue and I am very impressed with how well they played on Saturday.

With less than ten minutes to spare, they came back to the break at 12 and Enrique Towala’s two great attempts helped them to a 24-16 victory.

When Newcastle actually capitalizes on their opportunities and doesn’t blow it away, they can get the job done, which they did.

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