We need to talk about the sun

Now that the dust has settled after the 7th Western Conference semifinal game in Phoenix, we have a lot to talk about.

First things first, Luka Donsik’s Game 7 performance will go down in history as a legend. It featured all of Larry Bird’s ‘back-to-the-wall’ performances against the wall of impossibility.

The Sun was predicted to overtake the Mavericks who were moderate for most of the regular season until they returned to form in January. But no one could kill the sun! Sun had the best regular season, home and street records.

Signs began to emerge during the first round of the playoffs, where the Pelicans disrespected Chris Paul’s future Hall of Famer and tied him up, forcing Point God to make an unusually high turnover.

Paul was upset at that series, he didn’t like it and the Pelicans went under his skin and even snatched Game 2 at Phoenix. Devin Booker’s return from injury eventually led The Sun Bail out to a 4-2 series win, with many predicting a 4-1 or even a sweep so Sons went to Monty Williams alumnus Rookie Coach Willie Green. Those are doing great with the list of young pelicans.

The Sun entered the Western Conference semifinals with confidence that they had won three matches, knowing they had measured the Mavs in the regular season, Donetsk was injured in those two games.

Chris Paul
Can Chris Paul win some silverware at Phoenix? (Photo by Keith Birmingham / MediaNews Group / Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images)

The series flowed as expected by picking the first two games at relative ease in San Phoenix, as Mavus did in the return leg of the 3rd and 4th games with an unfavorable crowd welcoming the sun.

In and out of Dallas court, Paul had trouble verbally talking to a fan who allegedly mocked Paul’s family members. The fan was kicked out but not without some favorite words from Paul as he was knocked out by security.

The 5th and 6th games follow the trend that the home team hid from the spectators, it all came down to an unexpected game 7Decender in Phoenix, where the pattern was expected to continue and the series won a draw 7 game series, says Luka Donsick. Hold my beer ‘…

The Mavs started the game at 7 by torching the Sun to advance to 10 in the first break, a terrific response was expected from the Sun but it did not come. Seeing Maws and Donsik’s perseverance make Sans look completely chaotic, confused and overwhelmed, Maves outscored Sun by 30-10 seconds to take a 30-point lead at the break. The NBA world was stunned by the ruthless show that Luka Donsic was carrying on with the overwhelming support from Jalen Brunson and Spencer Dinweid.

The Suns never recovered and the situation worsened when Suns coach Monty Williams benched Diandre Aiton early in the third and later told a news conference after his game that the problem was ‘internal’. Rumors about exactly what was said between the two on the bench are in overdrive, but whatever it was, it was not positive because the situation was apparently heated and the two had to separate.

Luca Donsick
Luca Donsic of the Dallas Mavericks celebrates after scoring three pictures by # 77 Kevork Gensengian / Getty Images

The Mavs countered on an unbelievable game 7 and a top-seeded Suns home call for a 46-point lead at one stage to win the series, the result being there with some flops in the all-time playoffs. Donsick shot 54.5 percent from the arc with 35 points, Brunson with 24 points and Dinweedy 30 points off the bench in a playoff career.

Cameron Johnson was Sans’s top contributor with 12 points off the bench.

Where did it go wrong for the flawless sun near 2021-22?

Eaton is still furious at Phoenix’s decision not to sign the highest deal before the start of the season. He believes he is valuable, but there is more.

Booker and Paul have a problem with Sons’ pay cap, already draining a lot of caps that are making many people wonder if CP3 at the age of 37 is worth 30 30 million a year?

CP3 has been amazing this season, especially in the clutch and when Booker was out due to injury, but CP3 missed the playoffs to fight double teaming and extra focus on offensive guard. He made unusually high turnover numbers and struggled to troubleshoot statistics – it was bizarre.

Problems with Aitton seem to be out of court because questions have been raised about his general attitude and discipline regarding the preparation of games.

It would be a front office miracle to keep the band together this off-season so perhaps the Sun has a really tough challenge, will they trade Ayton by putting the Booker-CP3 Foundation together or continue building around Booker and Iton? And turn on CP3.

The Booker-Ayton partnership seems likely to have more longevity and sustainable success, but in Paul’s absence they may lack leadership.

Can they bring the right pieces to stay competitive by trading Ayton? It’s going to be an off-season in Phoenix to get a closer look at how it will play and who will arrive first and call to start patching things up or damage.

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