We know one thing for sure about Kellen Mond

We know one thing for sure about Kellen Mond

August 14, 2021; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kellen Mond. Compulsory Credit: Jeffrey Baker – USA Today Sports.

One of the biggest secrets for the Minnesota Vikings in 2021 was discussing Kellen Mond’s reunion with the NFL. To put it bluntly, fans wondered if Mond was any better because the rookie passerby was mistakenly fired for QB3.

One thing is for sure, in 2022, Mond will get a fair shot to prove that he deserves QB2 responsibility.

Why is this noticeable? Well, Mond didn’t necessarily afford a fair jolt last year. Mike Zimmer was the Vikings coach, and Mond was reportedly in favor of Rick Spielman’s draft choice for which Zimmer did not agree. Zimmer reportedly wanted a defensive player to replace Mond in the 2021 NFL Draft, where Spielman said No. And pulp picking.

Accordingly – and strangely enough – Mond lived in a doghouse during his first voyage, lacking a game. The Kirk Cousins ​​did not miss Game 17 of the 2021 season, when Shawn Manion, an irresistible QB2, was selected to take charge against the Green Bay Packers. To anyone’s surprise, Manion was ineffective as Mond watched most of the game from the sidelines.

But when Manion’s hand got stuck in the second half of that contest, he treated the pickle juice, pushing Mond into action. Surprisingly due to very little practice with the first team players, Mond was no better than Manion for three plays.

Don’t forget a QB already on the Vikings roster
Kellen Mond

Now, though, those stubborn and semi-vindictive thoughts are cowardly. Anger is no longer kept which will derail the development of Mond. Instead, the opposite is happening. Minnesota’s new coaching staff is optimistic and offering Normal The statement about the pulp is not an annoying word.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, the new chief Kevin O’Connell He applauded Mand“Kellen is having a good spring so far, working incredibly hard, digesting the system. He did a few checks on the Scrimmage line yesterday for which he was not ready to play-by-play; She just did it instinctively. These are the little things you are looking for. “

Kellen Mond
August 27, 2021; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kellen Mond. Compulsory Credit: Danny Medley – USA Today Sports

Last week, Wes Phillips, second in command of the crime, O’Connell’s praise echoed“Kellen is very sharp. He really does have a good record of crime. He has done a really good job of speeding up our crime, our terminology. He’s really good at drama in Huddle, and his eyes are in the right place. “

Of course, whether Mond will turn into an early quarterback – even a QB2 – is unclear. There was always the opportunity that Zimmer had That’s right About Mond, and the guy doesn’t deserve a real NFL snap. But, overall, it doesn’t look like Mond was given a fair jolt from the gate.

He will now get over the shadow of doubt.

And, yes, Manion is still on the team.

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