Warriors police heat on lodge payout,

Following the release of Matt Lodge from the club, the Warriors are under investigation to pay ProP $ 700,000 for the rest of this season and for not playing for the team next season.

Lodge was seen playing rugby union for a second-class team in North Brisbane on Tuesday night, losing 27-14 to Bond.

He didn’t just play a small cameo with the lodge on the field for about an hour.

The 26-year-old has no recorded history in this rugby union. An official code switch would be dramatic but not unprecedented. The fact that he played a club game without a contract and considered it detrimental to his own future makes it seem quite intriguing if he gets injured.

According to a Daily Telegraph He will receive $ 700,000 from the Warriors after his release last week, regardless of whether he ends up at another NRL club or elsewhere, the report said.

Warriors CEO Cameron George declined to comment on the payment because the deal between the player and the club was confidential.

Greg Alexander, the Panthers’ deputy chairman on Sen. Radio on Thursday morning, couldn’t believe that Warriors would give a small fortune to Lodge when he was offered a one-player replacement in his contract, only to be contracted for 2023. He had earlier declined a three-year term because he did not want to relocate to Auckland from their temporary base at Radcliffe.

“We don’t understand why the Warriors had to pay him if he had the option of a player,” he said.

“They were ready to sign him for another three years so they wouldn’t want to get rid of him. They wanted him for another three years and he said I was not taking that option, I was not going back to New Zealand, I was out.

Hasla’s ‘can’t remember’ speaks of fine weaving

After a dramatic loss to Paramatman last Friday, Des Husler is ready to face a hefty fine for his referee runt and Josh Alloy’s offer could also be approved after doubling Manley Coach’s comments.

Hasler claims that match officials brought Ellis back into the competition and returned to Will Penicini’s full-time effort in a few minutes to win 22-20.

In another bizarre moment, at a media conference hosted by his captain on Wednesday, he claimed that he “could not remember” what he had said about the ref five days earlier and that he had “not said anything controversial, for sure”.

He said he had spoken to the NRL to clarify the issues in his dispute and asked him to review the inconsistencies in high tackle and offside judgments.

NRL is ready to pay a five-figure fine to Hasler, who has a long history of questioning the integrity of referees.

Not wanting to discuss the specifics of Hasler’s case, NRL CEO Andrew Abdo said referees need to show more respect.

“It’s important for everyone to play a professional game – be it players, coaches, administrators, supporters – everyone needs to have a level of professionalism and a level of respect for match officials,” he said at the launch of the Indigenous Round.

“They’re not perfect, they’re wrong and we have to keep that in mind.”

He added to the coaches and players, “Largely set an example of what is happening across the field across Australia. There will be decisions that will go against you, I understand how much is at stake and everyone has the passion to win. But I think everyone needs to accept that there are things we can say and say and there are things we don’t say. “

Manly Waringah Sea Eagles coach Des Hasler joins 2011 NRL Grand Final Fan Day

(Photo by Matt King / Getty Images)

Hasla was annoyed by the late penalty against Christian Tuipolotu which was before the final set of the Paramatman.

“It wasn’t high. It was a good tackle. It was a brave tackle. They called it an attempt save. The concept of the game is defense and the idea of ​​saving an attempt brings big drama,” he exclaimed at the post-match media conference.

“It simply came to our notice then. This only adds to the frustration behind the results behind a 9-2 penalty count. They are back in the game.

“Some very suspicious calls … I’m sure Benny (referee Ben Cummins) will review his game.”

Front-rower Josh Aloe told reporters at a Manly media session on Tuesday:

“I thought for the most part we worked very hard. The referee did us no favors, especially at the back of the game. I think he did a bad job and we couldn’t escape with a win. So I’m very unhappy with him, to be honest with you. “

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - May 21: Jared Weiria-Hargreaves of the Roosters was sent by referee Gerard Sutton during a Round 11 NRL match between the Sydney Rosters and the Penrith Panthers at the Sydney Cricket Ground on May 21, 2022.  Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Matt King / Getty Images)

(Photo by Matt King / Getty Images)


Roosters prop Jared Waerea-Hargreaves escaped suspension for his foul-faced blow-up last weekend and his coach Trent Robinson claimed referee Gerard Sutton’s frustration was justified.

Robinson argued that he had a goal for Star Prop executives, and that it was only his explosive delivery that disappointed him on Saturday.

Waerea-Hargreaves was convicted of twice swearing at Sutton at the Roosters’ 32-12 loss to Penrith, but the experienced forward was fined only $ 1800 after the match review committee handed him over for a grade misconduct charge.

Collecting James Fisher-Harris When the Panthers were able to score late in the prop, Warrea-Hargreaves exploded as he was called in to report and said Penrith would be a potential eight-point attempt.

Abdo also rejected the latest installment of critics claiming that the bunker should be blown up, saying that “there is no professional game in the world that does not use technology to help maintain a balance between accuracy and consistency”.

Using 360-degree angles from multiple camera replays gives officers a better chance of making the right decision, he said.

Aitken chooses the dolphin

The Dolphins are set to create an impressive forward pack for their first NRL campaign, adding Warriors’ second-rower Yuan Itken.

Aitken, 26, has already announced that he will not be returning to Auckland for the 2023 season and will not have to go far at all, the same Radcliffe base fighters have played in Covid time.

He joins a Dolphin Forward pack that already includes Jesse Bromwich, Kenny Bromwich and Felice Cowfusi.

Aitken, whose contract with the Warriors was due to expire at the end of next season before initially securing his initial release, said his decision was to keep the family first.

“If it only depended on me, I would probably go (NZ) and see the deal because I like the club, there are some great people here and some great people running this place,” he told reporters.

“So there are definitely some fond memories here and it’s definitely a tough decision to leave because there are definitely great people out there and it’s going to go to places in the near future.”

The experience of the 143-gamer will be crucial in building the new club, said Terry Reeder, chief executive of Dolphins.

“Importantly, he’s skilled enough to play center or edge in the second row, and that’s a valuable product in today’s NRL competition,” he said.

“After a full season of training and playing with his current club there, he will be able to bring some familiarity around our home base for our new squad.

“Yuan and the Warriors have won three of three games at our home base Morton Daily Stadium this season – we hope to see the same results with the Dolphins next year.”

This is another blow to the Warriors’ forward stocks, who dropped Matt Lodge last week, although they will win Newcastle’s Mitch Burnett in 2023.

They will be without Chanel Harris-Tavita, who will take a break from the game later this season.

Brisbane, Australia - May 15: The Cowboys celebrate a Ruben Cutter attempt during a Round 10 NRL match between the West Tigers and North Queensland Cowboys at Suncorp Stadium on May 15, 2022 in Brisbane, Australia.  (Photo by Albert Perez / Getty Images)

(Photo by Albert Perez / Getty Images)

Mixed pose for Cowboy Origin selection

The Cowboys Ladder Surge has about 10 players for the State of Origin selection.

Reuben Cotter, who started in the front row against Penrith, and Jeremiah Nanai in the second row are said to have caught the eye of new Queensland coach Billy Slater.

Veteran forward Quinn Hess, whose last appearance in six appearances came in 2020, is expected to hear from Slater when he will be in his 22-member squad after Round 12.

Hamiso Tabui-Fido, Valentine Holmes, Murray Toulagi, Helium Lukey and Tom Gilbert are also against Queensland, while Rees Robson and Jordan McLean are out of the NSW squad.

“The club is in a really lucky position, I think we are going so well that there are a lot of names being thrown at the hat which is really exciting,” Hess said.

“The way I was selected in the past, I was just worried about the club form and the good game so that I could have a place in my head.

“Because of the experience, if I was lucky enough to be selected, I would be comfortable doing my job.”

Preparing for an epic battle against Penrith, the North Queensland premiers keep Blinker running without worrying about what they might throw at him.

The Cowboys headed to Bluebett Stadium on Friday night to move up to third place on the stairs after six consecutive wins, while the Panthers running in the front could see the NRL Premiership firmly in front.

Hess has been tasked with replacing injured superstar Lock Jason Toumalolo, and Hamiso has come in for Tabuai-Fido Kyle Feld, who also has a knee injury.

The pair went down early in the final round of Melbourne to fellow heavyweights in a North Queensland statement.

Hess has been playing as a front-row for the most part this season but has said he will not try to change too much at Lock.

He said that after the success of the last round method against the storm, they will try to focus more on themselves than their opponents.

“I remember when we were good at the rosters (in the fourth round), we were more concerned about them where when we went to the Melbourne game last week we just focused on what we and we had to do well and put it into practice,” said the 25-year-old. Dr.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“We know what they can do – they’ve got strike power all over the field and if you focus on a lot of their players, you’re going to get stuck in what you’re doing.”

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