Wallaby’s fullback must be Jock Campbell

For the past three or four decades, the Rugby Union has been blessed with some amazing talents at number 15: Matt Burke, Marty Roebuck, Gavin Hastings, Christian Cullen and Roger Gold.

The key feature for the players mentioned above was their ability to be both safe and brilliant.

There are many more who were world class fullbacks and who dominated provincial or club rugby and spent the brightest moments of international rugby, but they have no legacy or roll in lock.

Think of Mark Latham or Tom Banks. Both were exceptional talents for Super Rugby /, but not necessarily Mino’s exception.

Latham was a brilliant fullback for the Wallachians when Burke retired, but he did not dominate all aspects of fullback like Matthew Burke.

I’m looking at the current fullback and Banks got his chance.

At the same time, I see this guy named Jock Campbell for the Reds. He has been switched between fullback, wing and bench, but always delivers.

Jock Campbell of the Reds

(Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

He’s great under high balls, he has safe and reasonable boots at the ends.

Instead, the Wallabies want to convert Jordan Petia into a fullback so they can fit him.

In terms of the toughest fullback performances across five provinces, Campbell has missed out.

He scored a lot, saved the effort and took the high ball when others could not get under pressure.

Put him in the cauldron against England. Let’s go back to Burke, who threw a ball over the sideline in his first Test, but he became one of the best.

I think ten Tests will be enough for Campbell. No one is stuck in the setup of Wallabies and they need a safe hand set.

He is the one who can catch the high ball under pressure and nail it to the opponent and still get the ball back.

He does not need to be afraid of quick kicks to communicate or touch, the ball should be left to run if space is given.

Banks is a brilliant fullback and player. He would have been great internationally, but it didn’t pass.

In fact, he fights against a higher opponent under a higher ball and cannot have enough influence in the attack.

Let’s give a go to a well balanced full back.

I love Quad Cooper too, but he was shiny year after year. Last year he showed maturity. Let’s hope he can do it again. At fullback, that maturity must be in the mid-20s. That Jock Campbell.

Let’s give him the first Test against England. Of course, the series can tell if it fails, but think of what it could do if it went the other way.

Campbell is the only full-back fullback in Australia. Pick him up and give him back.

If he fails in the first, give him the second. There will be plenty of options on the bench.

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