Vikings Rookie has a promising future

After recording a total of 23 tackles in 2019, OU linebacker Brian Asamoah. Syndication: Oklahoman.

The Vikings have picked up a number of great drafts this year. Although many experts have given poor grades on average compared to their other NFL teams. However, at first glance, they found themselves to be much better players.

Some of these guys are obviously Lewis Cine and Andrew Booth Jr. However, there are a few more to see during this year’s notable play, such as Ed Ingram and Brian Asamoah. Asamoah is my choice to be one of the draft stealers.

One thing is clear when you see Asamoh playing football. She Fast Honestly, the only reason he got to the Vikings in the third round was because he was a little lighter than the norm. However, when the Vikings take to the field in September, it doesn’t matter.

The Vikings follow Andrew Booth Peak with offense and defense
March 5, 2022; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Oklahoma linebacker Brian Asamoah. Compulsory Credit: Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports.

He is the most promising young linebacker in our team. The way he plays the game is a light year ahead of boys like Chase Surat. In fact, if Eric Kendricks is released next year, it could be because of his cap hit, but Asamoah’s skill will certainly play a role.

Asamoh Film Breakdown

Okay, maybe announcing the next Eric Kendricks to Asamoah is a bit premature. The man has yet to play a game from Scrimmage in the NFL. However, that doesn’t stop you from hiding about it.

Here are the highlights:

  1. He is quick to diagnose the play. There are several instances where you can see Asamoah being the first Sunars defender to respond to the drama going on. He is so quick to diagnose that he often blows up an end-to-end or alternative game.
  2. He is lightning fast. Speaking of blowing up option dramas, this guy flew after them. There’s a game where he’s not just pushing the pitch, he’s running back down. It’s not a fluke. He continues to chase those expanded dramas from sideline to sideline.
  3. He’s great finding his way through traffic. This should not be a surprise considering the first two points. He can track the ball really well and then use his speed and agility to make his way around the linemen.
  4. Her hips are fluid. This is a feature you often find in cornerbacks. This is vital during pass coverage because in order to keep pace with the receiver you need to be able to rotate your hips without losing speed or balance. Okay, Asamoah also checked that box, so it would be normal to see him cover the boys in the middle of the field.

Well, that’s enough about how great he is. He fell in the third round for a reason and we should discuss those points as well.

Low light:

  1. She is very young. The biggest knock on him is that he is small. Weighing just 226 in the NFL as a middle linebacker would be a challenge.
  2. He was eaten by linemen. Because of its size, it is not uncommon for a lineman to touch it. At the NFL level, he will compete against linemen who are much more athletic than at the college level. He needs to learn to stack and shed before he can be effective and stop playing the run.
  3. Asamoh relies heavily on his speed. This is seen by some of the angles he takes. Everyone is so fast in the NFL. He needs to improve his strategy.

How he fits into the Vikings’ long-term plan

In addition to his weight and strength of play, Asamoah is a modern linebacker. He’s a true sideline to sideline player. People fast this dude. He sees what the play is about and is in instant attack mode. Because of these features, you should be much less concerned about its weight.

The best part is that he is probably the successor to Eric Kendricks. This is perfect, really, because he and Kendricks are very similar in shape. Kendricks stood at 6’0 and 232 pounds and Asamoah at 6’0 ″ and 226 pounds.

They are basically identical. If Asamoah could evolve in the same fashion as Kendricks, we could have another all-pro level linebacker for the next 10 years. You know, I’m going to announce it.

Asamoah will be an all-pro in his first four years in the NFL. Feel free to save it and roast this pan if it takes me awful.

Mitch Massman is a lifelong Vikings fan. His first heartbreak was playing in the 1998 NFC Championship. His full-time job as an economic development professional in rural Minnesota. He imagines the Vikings winning the Super Bowl one day, but until then he will write about the Vikings. Follow him on Twitter skol_vikings3

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