Unofficial 2022 AFL Team Logo Ranking – Part 2

In this second part, we will look at our finalists to see which team wins my unofficial opinion ranking for the best team logo of 2022. Ten have already been dropped, thrown into incompetent piles. If the team you follow reaches this far, I want to tell you that I am fascinated.

As a Giants fan with the worst logo of the competition, these top eight are all the inspiration for my team when designing their new one 15 years from now.

Again, this is the opinion of someone whose point of view may be the opposite of yours. 18th Giants, 17th Dockers, 16th Saints, 15th Crow, 14th Demons, 13th Swan, 12th Cats, 11th Blues, 10th Sun and 9th The Bomber.

Eighth: Hawthorn Hawks

Scraping in our eighth position we have left-facing classic brown and gold highlight Hawk. Capitalized fonts and sharp, robust design are nicely done. The way gold enters brown as a symbol of glamorous black beaks and feathers can learn a lot from Adelaide crows.

Seventh: Collingwood Magpies

I think Magpies made the right choice for the bird’s full front-facing body shot.

Distinguishing itself from the other four bird-based groups, it has skillfully combined the characteristic contrast of black and white behind Magpie. The Collingwood script below is simple but works well with the oval slope design above. The realistic concept is also a unique difference that other groups have presented to their animals, which has rewarded Collingwood an honorable seventh place in my rankings.

Sixth: Brisbane Lions

Of all the animals in the animal kingdom, the lion really has the rooster rule when it comes to creating an evil, powerful looking logo. For the most part, Brisbane has been successful. Maroon Man is a delightful and representative color and one that truly brings most of the logo to life.

The Capitalized LIONS font is also a great choice for Ranjit Maroon and it gives the Lions brand exclusivity and sets them apart in the pack. I truly believe the Lions have done a fantastic job with their logo, but they may not be the best big cats on this list.

Joe Dannyhar is celebrating a goal.

(Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

Fifth: West Coast Eagles

The west coast has kept it simple and it has kept the picture clear, bold and precise. Going for the sharp edges and diagonal naming, the west coast really emphasizes the gold over the royal blue, making it stand out in any flag or any background. Instead of Collingwood’s more realistic approach, they have stylized their logo in almost identical ways as Crow.

The main difference is that it is a bird that has been portrayed with both respect and fear. Their team song is nothing like writing at home and their 2022 season is an uninterrupted disaster, but in this competition, they deserved fifth place.

Fourth: Western Bulldogs

To be honest and in all transparency, the Bulldogs are my least favorite team in the competition. There’s not much I like about the team, except for one thing: the angular design of the slope behind their team logo and the hostile bulldog is one of the best ideas in the competition. The red, white and blue on the back makes the image come alive, although I think red could be used more in the logo to make it truly pop.

If you are a Bulldogs fan then there is a lot to love about your logo

Third: Port Adelaide Power

Distinctive, compulsive and intense. White, black and teal blend wonderfully into Port’s logo, imprinting their classic black and white stripes, acknowledging their history and representing power in an image in the best possible way.

Just as they have performed in the last few seasons, Port has held the lightning in their hands with their logo. These imagery make a bold statement and my favorite non-animal-based logo in the league. Very impressive.

Second: Richmond Tigers

I can’t imagine a time when I saw a better picture of a tiger. This logo contains everything that perfectly represents a tiger, combining seamlessly on the yellow and black shields like a disguised hunter ready to strike any enemy.

This logo is to give a bold statement about their presence in the competition and when it comes to intensity, it is the unique champion of the logo domain. Richmond fans are very proud of this wild, yet extraordinary design.

First: North Melbourne Kangaroos

This may come as the biggest surprise of all, but in my humble opinion, the best logo of the league as of 2022 is the clear, transparent single color design of the North Melbourne Kangaroos. Through technique, I crown it the AFL champion entirely through the irresistibility and individuality among its peers.

I believe NORTH’s Team Monica is the best way to identify a club. This is the only club that creates a C-Through logo, the only club where their scripts are through the center, the only club that focuses on one color and the only gradient-based club that makes them look completely irrelevant.

Congratulations, North, you got the biggest compliment on this Roar Rookie.

North fans haven’t had much to celebrate the last two decades but you can probably take it as the smallest win.

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