Twins Writer has another Byron Buxton of Day Downplay

Byron Baxton # 25 of the Minnesota Twins went home after Kyle Garlic hit an RBI single in the first innings against Tampa Bay Ray at Tropicana Field on May 1, 2022 in St. Petersburg, Florida.
(Photo by Julio Aguilar / Getty Images)

Every time Minnesota Twins center fielder Byron Buxton is not in the lineup, people are immediately frightened and the alarm goes off.

Yes, he’s a big injury risk, that’s for sure: but not every absence from the lineup is injury-related.

Indeed, in the case of Buxton, it could be designed for his long-term health.

On Tuesday, the star of the team is not in the lineup, and a twin writer was a little funny when it was announced.

“It simply came to our notice then. Byron Buxton … panting! “Another day off,” tweeted Aaron Gliman.

A few days ago, it was reported that Buxton was playing with a knee problem, and the team would be cautious about his use until he recovered completely.

But injury is not something that would require an extended absence: otherwise, the team would have announced it by now.

Everyone is scared and scared of a Buxton injury

Everyone reacts extra if Buxton’s name is not in the lineup, which is understandable at least a little bit.

But at the moment, the twins are wary of their dynamic leadoff hitters.

In fact, another Twins reporter, Dan Hayes, responded to a tweet and explained the current situation in Buxton.

“You saw his performance, didn’t you?” This is a planned holiday. This is not because he woke up feeling bad. They are not in the park for another two hours. They want to use the day to rest and treat and keep him on track, ”he said.

According to Hayes, performance is not in question here: Buxton already has 11 homers and the highest slugging percentage of his career, at .678.

But if Minnesota feels a day off here or 100 percent helps him out there, they should embrace the idea.

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