Trea Turner has a Juan Soto comment that will excite Dodgers fans

On May 23, 2022, Trey Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers # 6 drove a single in the sixth inning against the Washington Nationals at National Park in Washington, DC.
(Photo by Greg Fume / Getty Images)

Los Angeles Dodgers Infielder Trey Turner is happy with life in California.

He plays for a top-tier team capable of competing for the World Series each year.

He arrived there after doing business with the Washington Nationals, a team with which he won the World Series in an unforgettable run in 2019.

Leaving Washington meant Turnad had to leave behind his teammates and some friends.

Turner did not hesitate to ask which teammate he would like to play with again.

“Turner on friend and former teammate Juan Soto: ‘If I can play with a guy again, he’ll be,'” Athletics’ Brit Ghiroli tweeted, quoting Turner.

It’s funny to imagine those two playing together again

Turner and Soto have created an incredible tandem at the top of the lineup for Washington since 2018, the year Soto was called to the majors, until last year’s trade deadline.

Soto drove towards Turner several times and the two were off the field.

If they go to play again someday, the Dodgers are more likely to do it than Washington, unless Turner decides to sign there to end his career, and Soto is still there.

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

Turner is having a tough year as usual with a .289 / .352 / .409 line, two homers and eight stealing bases.

Soto is performing a bit less, but still enough to be the biggest threat to the Nets: .245 / .381 / .452 with eight home runs.

Soto won’t hit free agency for three more seasons (including 2022), but once he does, the Dodgers could theoretically run.

It can be exciting to see them play together again.

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