Todd Bowles has commented on his relationship with Tom Brady

Todd Bowles, head coach of the New Tampa Bay Buccaneers, speaks to members of the media during a press conference at the Adventhealth Training Center in Tampa, Florida on March 31, 2022.
(Photo by Mike Ehrman / Getty Images)

When Bruce Aryan resigned to take on the role of front-office, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers suddenly changed their main coaching position.

They did not look far for his replacement, instead promoting former defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Arian’s resignation sparked some controversy as it came just days after Tom Brady decided to retire.

After all, the Aryans have been accused of undermining game plans by Brady and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

Although it is impossible to get to the bottom of this problem, the Buccaneers are preparing for another Super Bowl run.

As Brady returns to his 23rd NFL season, some band members like Leonard Fornet and Chris Godwin will help him make sweet music on the field.

Similarly, key additions like Russell Gage, Shaq Mason and Logan Ryan will help the Tampa Bay wipe out their disappointing 2021 season.

But as the team prepares for another campaign, Bowles will want to keep his contact with Brady a secret.

Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times tweeted, “Regarding how much he keeps in touch with Brady, Bowles said, ‘I don’t think the public needs to know how much I and my girlfriend are dating. … But we talk. We are on the same page. We are at the lockstop. ‘ #Box. “

Will Bowles interfere with the offense?

He is the last head coach of the team.

However, he is a defensive-minded advisor who would do well to focus on that side of the field.

Meanwhile, Brady and Leftwich are able to facilitate crime.

Their confidence in each other has brought the Buccaneers to new heights during Brady’s time.

So, why fix something that is not broken or why interfere with a working system?

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