To end Canberra’s victory, Dhal moved away from the riders

Canberra and Paramatta played a thriller at the GIO Stadium on Sunday and eventually led the home team 28-20.

The Raiders came into the game with three wins in a row behind the form of a recent purple patch and opened the scoring in the eighth minute when center goal was touched by Seb Chris then ruled by Jack Whitton Bunker but the ball did not bounce forward. Trying to catch the previous bomb.

Paramatta hit again through Will Penicini in the 11th minute and took a 12-6 lead when Dylan Brown’s attempt was converted shortly after.

The nature of watching the competition continued in the middle of the first half when Elliott Whitehead collapsed from a dummy half to score in the easiest attempt of his career.

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - May 29: Sebastian Chris of the Raiders was confronted during a Round 12 NRL match between the Canberra Riders and the Paramatman Ils at the GIO Stadium on May 29, 2022 in Canberra, Australia.  (Photo by Mark Nolan / Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Nolan / Getty Images)

And when you think the home side is up, Ells winger Bailey Simmons made his first attack in Canberra since his off-season move to Ells.

Chris gave the Raiders an 18-16 lead just before halftime, but the score was cut short by a penalty kick to Jamal Fogarti in the first match of the season due to a pre-season knee injury. 20-20 in the 55th minute when Simmonson acrobatically ended the break at Mitch Moses’ corner.

Moses pushed the sideline conversion to keep the audience in front.

Dylan Brown backed up a long break from Shaun Lane in the 67th minute to fullback Javier Savage’s blunder and scored for a 28-20 advantage, with Moses again underlining the value of his right boot by polishing the transition from out wide.

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