The Warriors stars are pushing each other from the 3-point line this postseason

Golden State Warriors' Clay Thompson # 11 and Stephen Curry # 30 talk to each other against the Indiana pacers in the first half of the NBA basketball game on January 20, 2022 at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California.
(Photo by Theron W. Henderson / Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors have officially returned to the Western Conference finals.

At the WCF, which starts on Wednesday night, they are getting ready to face the amazingly powerful Dallas Mavericks.

Both of these teams have been red hot lately.

This means that these Western conference finals can be incredible.

This is especially true if the two biggest stars of the Warriors continue to shoot like them.

Warriors’ Steff Curry and Clay Thompson have been pushing each other out of the three-point line lately.

Curry made 42 threes in this play-off.

This is the same number that Thompson made in the same period.

The Splash Brothers are heating up again and this is bad news for the Mavericks – or anyone against them.

Return of the Splash Brothers

This is most important when Curry and Thompson look like their regulars.

The two players have had an up-and-down season.

Curry has hit a few rough patches this year and also felt an injury.

Meanwhile, Thompson returned to the NBA after more than two years.

After their return, Curry and Thompson did not look like the iconic Splash Brothers who won three championships together.

However, things have started to turn around recently and both Curry and Thompson are starting to find their rhythm.

Now they look great, have great shots and run as if the injury never bothered them.

Warriors fans must be thrilled to see these two superstars playing as they are now.

But losing to the Mavericks is not a certainty – they have repeatedly shocked other teams this season.

Very few people expected Dallas to beat Sun in the final series but they did just that in a huge, disgusting way.

Curry and Thompson may be in good form but they may still be removed by Luka Donsick and his Mavs.

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