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Matt Daniels

December 1, 2019; Glendale, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Rams assistant special team coach Matt Daniels. Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports.

Looks like the Minnesota Vikings now like the Rookies. At least the new special team coordinator Matt Daniels did, as he recently announced at a Vikings press conference.

Former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer’s advice is not entirely fair Hate rookies he however valued the experience. Under his leadership, coming to Minnesota meant players had to gain their place and their trust – as it should, and still be with Kevin O’Connell.

While answering questions about Zimmer’s general behavior and abruptness, especially about last season’s rookie quarterback Kellen Mond, some people were forced to believe that Zimmer refused to play the Vikings Rookies because of some of his bizarre positions, which was certainly not true.

Things weren’t going well last season in Minnesota. As the season unfolded, we began to see things unfold through strange events. Zimmer needed a winning season to save his job and the team always played catch-up until they were finally out of the debate. Mike Zimmer’s bizarre altercation with Kirk’s cousins ​​on the sidelines and the incident at the training ground that Bashud saw Brindland drop out of the team are just a few examples that prove that things were not as harmonious as they should have been.

Since Mike Zimmer’s dismissal, all sorts of stories have come out of the woodwork – Zimmer and former general manager Rick Spielman not talking to each other about the Vikings organization, not being a good place to work and ignoring the Rookies. In short, it wasn’t a good environment for rookies to enter, and no one seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Zimmer and Spielman are talking
Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman

Football is a serious business, but happy players are more likely to perform well. It’s a shame because I believe the Vikings made a very good draft last year. Unfortunately, for those who have not already made a mark, influencing a new regime without any equity in you and only bringing their own batch of rookie – will be difficult (although not impossible).

When it comes to this year’s Vikings rookies – the whole idea of ​​the new culture that Quesse Adolfo-Mensah and his team are bringing to Minnesota – they should reach the perfect environment for improvement if something like Matt Daniels’ enthusiasm for the rookies can be done. . Minnesota is now a great place for rookies, a significant departure from what people felt last season.

The success of this new culture will ultimately be determined by the playground. When a team loses, the smile lasts longer. For now, though, the Minnesota Vikings are showing the general air of positivity and unity that was needed after the end of a broken and depressing state of the previous era.

I am always wary of expecting too much from new management and coaching staff too soon. However, what they’re trying to create in Minnesota is the right way to do things and ultimately bring success to frustrated Vikings fans who have been yearning for that first Super Bowl for 61 years.

In all likelihood, that will take time. It could be too late for some senior players on the Vikings roster. So it’s no surprise that the young head coach, with a young coaching staff led by a young general manager, is passionate about and enthusiastic about young players.

They are the players who will determine if they have a long and successful tenure in Minnesota.

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