The undisputed king of Australian boxing

At the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne on June 5, a celebrity event will take place that no one ever imagined.

The World Championship boxing will be fought on Australian soil.

George Cambosos Jr., an Australian boxer with Greek heritage, will take his four main titles to fight against American Devin Haney, who holds the final in the lightweight division.

The Cambosos will look to consolidate the division and take the remaining titles from Haney, which would be huge for Australian boxing.

Fighting boxing prodigies like Tim CGU, Harry Garside and Paolo Aokuso under the No Limit Boxing Promotion, seems to be a promotional organization that gets all the limelight and all the media attention.

Disgusted with himself is the world’s new lightweight king Cambosos, who can be called a kind of silent type hype.

While Cambosos rocked the world with such a dazzling effort against former champion Theofimo Lopez, he is still relatively unknown off the coast of Australia.

Let’s break down what Cambosos achieved on November 26 last year.

Jorge Cambosos punches Teofimo Lopez.

(Photo by Al Bello / Getty Images)

In a very strong argument, it can be said that the light weight category in boxing at the present time is the most competitive and probably the most exciting category among them all.

Along with Cambosos are fighters like Vasily Lomachenko, Teofimo Lopez, Gervante Davis, Ryan Garcia and his upcoming rival, Devin Haney. This is an absolutely stacked section.

Before holding the Lopez belt, the ruling, defending and undisputed lightweight king was Ukrainian Lomachenko.

Bomachenko, an absolute boxing giant, took his undisputed belt against Lopez, the only fighter willing to fight ‘Loma’ at the time, and he teased her in great fashion.

After Lopez missed the match again, the young Cambosos was forced and had his shot at King. As we all know, Kambosos stunned the world by winning.

But is he really?

Cambosos has fought on the streets in almost his entire career.

He has walked the abyss of exile, and has always risen to the top. If you are a staunch follower of Cambosos, you know that he was ready to fight Lopez.

All he did that night was beat up the man in the department who had done the impossible. He went to Lopez’s own backyard and beat her.

He took the whole of Australia on his back and took their world titles, four of them at least.

Jorge Cambosos is celebrating the victory of his split decision against Teofimo Lopez.

(Photo by Al Bello / Getty Images)

Tim Tszyu and Harry Garside are good fighters and well on their way, but for what Cambosos has done, he needs the support and love that has been shown between these two other countries.

This is a guy whose fight was in his backyard and he wants to make these belts Australian and hold them on this shore.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Maybe the responsibility is on his campaign agency.

This is the person who is arguably the champion of the deepest division in boxing. Australians like to be underdoged and ignored. It tends to bring out the best in them.

Let’s go after the underdog and pack out Marvel Stadium on June 5 and make this guy the face of Australian boxing.

Because his style will hold up against Haney, which could set him up with an absolutely huge fight against the former Ukrainian champion.

Good luck to the undisputed king of Australian boxing at the moment, and I’m sure the country supports you.

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