The twins have made an ugly start to the season

Max Kepler of the Minnesota Twins celebrates with teammate Carlos Correa # 4 as he leads the ninth inning against the Kansas City Royals at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri on May 22, 2022.
(Photo: Reed Hoffman / Getty Images)

It wasn’t exactly a smooth ride for the Minnesota Twins in the first 12 games of the 2022 regular season.

Even after acquiring Sonny Gray, Geo Ursella and Gary Sanchez and signing Carlos Correa, things just weren’t clicking.

They were 4-8 and it looks like they are heading for a repeat performance after a terrible 2021 season.

But now things look a lot different for these twins.

They have won the game and so far the American League looks like a Central Division class.

Twins intern Aaron Gliman tweeted an interesting little factoid, where the number of twins was 4-8 and shows what they are now since the team rolled.

Twins and Rolling

It is quite useful for twins.

A .198 team average is quite embarrassing, such as a .628 OPS and an average of just three runs per game.

A .263 average, .755 OPS, and on the other hand an average of five runs per game?

That’s pretty impressive.

This team looks very different and much stronger than last season.

Last year, they were out of controversy when the trade deadline approached and they were forced to part ways with Jose Berrios.

They finished 73-89.

This year, things are looking much better and the twins are proving why you shouldn’t count them as the 2022 season draws to a close.

It was a rough start, but it never ended until it ended, and the twins are proving to be a prime example of that.

We’ll see if they can make things go their way.

If they can, they’re going to be hard to beat down the road.

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