The Souths have miraculously survived the Warriors’ return with a crucial victory

South Sydney survived the Warriors’ allegations late, holding a 26-point lead in the first half and winning 32-30 in the 2-day opening match of the Magic Round.

The Warriors turned into another Jekyll and Hyde performance: terrible in the second half but great in the second half to bring the game down to the last game of the game.

Shaun Johnson’s 55-meter field goal effort should have been a miracle, but after this comeback, everything was possible.

How terrible the Warriors were before the break was even more unlikely. They went down 26-6 in the shed, but it could have been much more.

Cody Walker was the star, dominating the first episode with three assists and bringing a late tackle to stop the Warriors when they wanted to make it

The Souths have been threatening such performances for some time: they have made a concluding rate table this year but have performed well on other offensive metrics, suggesting that points will follow once they start holding passes.

Despite the incessant rain at Suncorp Stadium, the Banis were able to do just that. At least for the first time, they were above 80% and the efforts flowed.

New Zealand was more compelled. The pace of the line in the first half was terrific, giving Elias and Walker’s likes plenty of room to play and some defensive lessons made life a lot easier for South players to pick a pass.

After the break, a different team enters the field. The excitement, the appeal and the effort were unfamiliar and would probably disappoint Nathan Brown even more: he would question where that performance was.

The Warriors had all the balls to start, accumulating five sets near the southern one in the opening minute, but rarely a direct threat.

They pay the Warriors as soon as they get a match to match the South. Lachlan Elias was his first big involvement, making room for Cody Walker to pull together for his first. He can thank Marcelo Montoya for making up his mind through a very weak defensive reading.

The rabbits will return to the well after a while. Again, it was Elias who was the architect and this time, Blake Taff played the role of Cody Walker to keep Milne in the corner.

Walker has always been at the center of action. He made another one, this time on the left, for Alex Johnston – this time a failed defensive read from Dalin Watene-Zelezniak – and then a bore off for Taff.

The South Warriors have made four tours to the end and returned with four attempts.

The Souths finally made an error, within half an hour and up 20 points, with Shaun Johnson kicking the ball first. Moments later, Damien Cook was able to score through five tacklers to score from the dummy half.

It could have been worse – Lachlian Elias hit the line begging – and suddenly got much better: Marcelo Montoya released the Deserne AC to get the Warriors on board.

The same problem will bite the Warriors early in the second half.

A Bunty Afoa break in the middle takes the Warriors to a field position, but Alyssa Katoa conspires to throw the ball. They will pay again: Elias, previously rejected, struggled and dropped the ball for the first time this year.

The warriors were now showing some spirit. Johnson collected a matte lodge offload and took a clean break. Before the Souths reset, Reese Walsh gave Montoya a kick and he batted near Adam Pompeii.

Jazz Tebhaga had ten minutes left in the game. Johnson should have scored another goal but was knocked out – Walsh was blocked from build-up by Damien Cook and was destroyed.

Daejarn Asi quickly took the deficit back to eight points to play four, and the grandstand finish continues. Opportunity came through Walsh, but Cody Walker, aptly, threw a tackle that detached the ball.

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