The South changed the main spine as the Murray Tigers returned to the battlefield

The South are ready to make two huge calls to their backbone before their crunch clash with the West Tigers this Saturday where captain Cameron Murray will return prematurely from injury and be ruled out as their run-on fullback at Blake Tuff.

Banis coach Jason Demetrius has confirmed that Murray will return after shoulder surgery, a welcome boost for South Sydney and New South Wales.

“We need his experience off the field,” Demetrius said. “She is OK. She is a model professional.

“He had surgery and went straight back to it the next day and gave himself every chance to play.

“He will make an impact but we all have to play our part and we can’t sit back and hope he can solve our problems.

“Indigenous Round is always a special week for our club, and it’s important to stay out of the cam with the boys. Cam comes with an aggressive mindset, a hard-working attitude, but also a real threat with the footy.

“I look forward to seeing how he affects the rest of the team. The conversation we had this week was, ‘If you’re not right, you’re not playing.’ It was as simple as that.

“He did everything he expected and did a lot more, he went through extra training after training with some communication work. He is ready to go.

“He had a minor clean out, the surgeon told us he had a chance to play in two to three weeks, and he could play if he felt great.

“If he goes through Saturday and feels good, he will be picked for Origin. Origin is the pinnacle of the game for these guys, he brings back a lot when he plays and I will be excited to see him play there too. “

The South are ready for a few changes: they welcomed Mark Nichols from Round 4, including ankle syndesmosis, and cleared Tane Milne and Jr. Tatola from the Convention Protocol.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all will be that Blake Taffy, currently serving as fullback for the late Latrell Mitchell, is ready to return to an exchange role with Cody Nicorima that will have to go backwards.

The move reflects what he has seen with Taff, who has played almost all of his first-grade career at fullback but was mainly halfway through junior football and reserve grade.

Blake Taffy of the rabbit

(Photo by Bradley Canaris / Getty Images)

His statistics in 2022 reflect his inexperience in the fullback role: his error rate is the highest among NRLs, much like that of the harmful Matt Duffy and Tyrell Sloan, and his overall meters on the ball are down. A league-wide analysis.

Nikorima, who joined the club less than a month ago, has spent most of his career as a bench utility player but came in at 1 last week when injuries forced Tafe to move to the center.

“Cody will play fullback tomorrow night,” Demetrius said Sydney Morning Herald.

“Blake is still learning his craft, it gives us good utility value even off the bench. Cody gives us some experience and a voice in and around our spine.

“I’m looking forward to what he does and the value he brings to our team.”

The South, with the worst completion rate in the NRL, has been hit hard by the error this year, so taking steps to ensure that part of the game is not a matter of intelligence, at least until regular fullback Mitchell – currently receiving intensive care in the United States – is cleared to return. .

Taaffe juniors and reserve grades have matched well with halfback Lachlan Elias, and still give good rates for offensive metrics such as line break assists and attempts to engage, especially when his total assets are in relatively low numbers.

If South Sydney can use Nikorima to help them get out of the yard, while getting the best out of the offense from Tuff, they can find a decent stopgap until Latrell returns.

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