The Seattle Reporter has a good question for Mariners fans

Seattle Mariners GM Jerry Depotto watches from the dugout before the game against the Houston Astros at Sefeco Field in Seattle, Washington on September 30, 2015.
(Photo by Auto Gravel Jr. / Getty Images)

Last year, the Seattle Mariners finished their expected stats and run differential with a 90-72 record, which was almost good enough to turn the playoffs into a wild card team in the American League.

This year, M’s is achieving less, with a disappointing 17-25 record that is already 10 games behind division-leading Houston Astros.

Those expecting a challenge for the Mariners post-season spot should know that it’s still early, but the landscape isn’t looking good.

Both the Astros and Los Angeles Angeles (1.5 games behind the Astros with a 26-17 record) look significantly better than Seattle and have a flawed list of M due to some unexpectedly low performance.

For example, they are reigning Sai Young winner Ravi Ray, and he is currently playing a 4.77 ERA.

They hoped Jared Kellenic would make a strong end to the 2021 campaign, and he is now in his early teens.

Seattle needs to change something?

Seattle reporter Adam Levine is expressing his frustration.

“In 12 seasons as GM at MLB, Jerry Depot has made a playoff once, and never in his 7 years at Seattle. This could be his eighth. If they do not bring results, he will be in the same category as others # Mariners GM who tried to sell us one bag of products. Still, be patient ..? “He tweeted.

Of Levine Runt Continued: “If things don’t go well soon, we will inevitably see the dismissal of the hitting coach or bench coach or any other second tier coach as a scapegoat for the team’s problems, when Buck has to stop near the top.” I’m still far from calling this thing a complete failure. Farm system reconstruction, great young prospects. But I am becoming sympathetic to those who may have lost faith and even those who believe that ownership needs to change.

All Seattle fans need patience… and some really good coaches, especially when it comes to injuries.

They have built a strong pitching core (George Kirby, Logan Gilbert and soon Emerson Hancock) and some good hitting potential (Kelenick, Julio Rodriguez and soon Noelvi Marte) to complement existing MLB talent.

Young players have to try, fail and adapt.

They will be better off with the right guidance; But 2022, in the end, may not be their year.

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