The Royals continue to have a nightmare start to their weekend

Kansas City Royals' Andrew Benitendi # 16 reacts after he fouled a ball into his leg during the seventh inning against the Minnesota Twins at Kaufman Stadium on May 20, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri.
(Photo by J. Biggerstaff / Getty Images)

You can only use one word to describe what happened to the Kansas City Royals on Sunday.


The Royals had control of the game when they reached the top of the eighth inning against the Minnesota Twins.

They were leading 6-0 because they wanted to block a sweep and return to the winning column.

But baseball is a fun game, and when we think we’ve found it, there’s some madness that turns the game to its ears.

That’s what happened yesterday, as the Twins cleared that 6-0 deficit and pulled off a sweep.

A Royals fan page tweeted that this was the first time the Royals had lost a home game where they took a six-run lead in the eighth inning.

The nightmare continues

What a difficult way to lose a game, especially at home.

But we’ve seen some wild returns this season.

First, the New York Mets had a 7-0 lead against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Cleveland Guardians then came back down 8-2 against the Chicago White Sox.

Now, the twins here have made such a comeback as the latest team.

This season has been a difficult one for the Royals so far.

The most exciting part of their season was Bobby Witt Jr., and he wasn’t even able to stop the team struggling.

The Royals are now 14-26, tied with the Detroit Tigers for the worst record in the American League.

How do they ask you to blow a 6-0 lead?

We may not know.

But things aren’t looking really positive in Kansas City, which is fast becoming a football city in September.

At least they have some cool City Connect uniforms, don’t they?

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