The roosters screamed for Radley’s injury before the Panthers clashed

The Sydney rosters are waiting for life without Victor Radley as they prepare to test their improved form against the best in the NRL.

The lock was shut down in Brisbane on Sunday night due to an ankle injury that would require a scan and would probably have to be on the sidelines for some time to hit the main hope of his state.

Trent Robinson’s men beat Paramatman 31-24 without Radley, denying Mitchell Moses’ best effort to return in the second half at Suncorp Stadium.

It was a trailing win for the Roosters (6-4), who finished fourth in the points differential before Saturday’s clash with Penrith.

“Victor doesn’t usually report an injury, the medical staff has to get it out of him,” Robinson said.

“So it seems like a few weeks when the Rhodes were biting like that.”

Robinson praised 18-year-old winger Joseph Swallow’s double effort, the 16-hit-up effort the Roosters had to win.

“It was really hard; We worked hard to get that lead and camped on our goal line to finish their first half, ”he said.

“There was a change of pace and they kept turning and finding a way to get it back and win the game.”

After the Panthers’ 32-6 goal in Melbourne on Saturday, Roster captain James Tedesco is alert and Penrith is waiting at the top of the table.

“I watched the game last night, they looked really good and have been benchmarked for years,” Fullback said.

“They are a top team and a paradox; We’ve got a tough road ahead for the next few weeks.

“But tonight was a good challenge for us and we played really well.”


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