The Roars A-League Men’s Tips and Predictions: The Grand Final

Okay, we’ve made it human – and what a chaotic, runaway, and sometimes A-League great season we’ve witnessed.

The 2022 tipping seems to be the loss of The Crowd, with Taxi Smith having the chance to claim the title as the only remaining member of the panel.

The final match of the season is a match for Western United coach John Aloisy to taste, as opposed to a possible fairy tale in Melbourne City.

Despite injury concerns, United have been able to lift themselves off the canvas, and since their return from the Asian Champions League game, City have looked a little lower than their best. It sets up a brilliant grand finale with qualified teams.

Congratulations on your tips for the biggest match of the season and don’t forget to write it on the bottom sheet to tell us what the irresistible voice of the spectators looks like for 2022.

Thanks to the panel for watching all the action unfold in a big way and for reading throughout the season and getting involved in the competition.

Mike Tuckerman
Western United

Is Western United the favorite to win the grand final? By no means. Do I think they will beat Melbourne City? Special.

But here’s why I want them.

After quietly assembling one of the best squads in the league, the return of John Aloisie is the story of the release of the season. His team reached the final behind one of the best defensive records in the league – with another great goal from Jamie Young in the goal – and with Alexander Prizovic in goal-scoring form, they got the firepower to crash. At AAMI Park.

John Aloisy

John Aloysi (Photo: Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

That said, there is no real reason for Melbourne City to feel confident and not play this game. They needed extra time to see Adelaide United, it is true, but they will not be overwhelmed by the show and have their own lot of match winners. And if Jamie McLaren converts an early opportunity for the defending champions, it could be bright for the West team.

But I’m still going to support Western United in the face of adversity. This is the result I want to see the most and I think they have a chance to get rid of it, no matter how thin it is.

Simon Hill
Melbourne City

Stuart Thomas
Western United

Rather foolishly, I chose Western United to win the live championship on the radio at the start of the final, yet I let them down after realizing the victory could lead to a one-goal lead in the second leg of the semi-final.

Like a cheap suit, I came back to the board and saw the catastrophic result happening which could be an irresistible match.

The reason I have been so passionate about the West for months is very simple: they are the most efficient defensive team in the A-League.

Leo Lacroix and Josh Risdon were great again in the semifinals and with a midfield group who work tirelessly off the ball and keep the weapon to hit any team, Green and Black are about to take their first toilet seat on Saturday. Night

Alexander Prizovic will be an out-and-out star and will provide the West with an excellent City side with another tough test of speed and passion, after the Reds brought them to the roster after 70 minutes last weekend.

The city is a quality side, yet there is something in the air that suggests that John Aloisie is going to make his second great contribution to the history of Australian football.

Leo Lacroix

Leo Lacroix. (Photo by Graham Denhom / Getty Images)

Taxi Smith
Melbourne City

We still haven’t seen the best of Melbourne City.

They stood last week when it was counted, despite being wasted in the front and looking like a swarm of six-year-old Minirus in the back, Adelaide took them all the way.

The second leg of Western United’s dream was against victory and played the perfect game, with Leo Lacroix at the center of a stubborn Man-Mountain stubborn defense.

The grand finale will be far away though. City will realize that there is very little chance of winning the header up front, they have to call and play all their football and what a perfect trio to do it; Matthew Leakey and Andrew Nabout complement Jamie McLaren’s hold-up play and box-faxing.

An early goal from Connor Metcalfe would snatch any nerves and pull Western United out of their defensive shape. As the game progresses and United are forced to be wary of the wind, City will cut their ribbon with some bright front games.

Marco Tilio, likely to be instrumental in his last game for the club, set up one and scored the final goal in the 90th minute to capture a glorious cameo.

City silenced the skeptics and became champions again. Long live the kings!

Final Mike Simon Stuart Taxi The crowd
Previous total 70 70 75 76 78
Last week 1 1 0 2 1
New total 71 71 75 78 79

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