The Roars A-League Men’s Tips and Predictions: Semi-finals

Taxi Smith and Mike Tuckerman read the tea page correctly when it came to finding the winners of the A-League Men’s Elimination Final, scoring a perfect two, when my tipping charge suddenly stopped.

The voices of the crowd also collided with the Mariners with their wagons, yet the Reds proved to be a dangerous side as many believed they had been for some time and John Aloisie’s Western United had a great rivalry against Wellington the day before.

These results set our two-legged semifinals starting tonight when United and Victory will face off in an exciting derby.

On Wednesday, Adelaide hosted again when Premier City traveled west in hopes of establishing a two-match lead in Melbourne.

Good luck with your tips for the two games and don’t forget to write them down on the bottom sheet to get people to say one thing in a ladder-leading voice.

Here’s how the rest of the panel watched the first leg of the semifinals play out.

Mike Tuckerman
Draw, Adelaide

Their narrow elimination final win against Western United Wellington proved once again that their breakup is as difficult as ever.

They’ve got the best shot-stopper in the league at Jamie Young and they won’t be terrified of a clash with Melbourne victory within the friendly boundaries of AAMI Park.

Nominal spectators will be ready to fight their supposed neighbors, but I don’t see any difference between the two teams in the first leg of this semifinal.

Adelaide United climbed to the top of the Central Coast Mariners in their elimination final and Cusini Yengi is back in full fitness and Craig Goodwin has provided plenty of service, with plenty of firepower to call them.

There will also be a large crowd behind them at Coopers Stadium and I doubt they will make a splash against their highly-valued spectators.

Many hope that Melbourne City will become another determinant but in my opinion they are one of the hottest-cold teams in the league.

They don’t always appreciate a real fight, and that’s exactly what the Reds should do here.

Matthew Leakey

(Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

Simon Hill
Win, draw

Stuart Thomas
United, Adelaide

The more I watch Western United, the more I am fascinated by the way their attacking weapons complement each other.

Although Alexander Prizovich is an undoubted genius, the way he worked behind his back against Lachi Wells, Jerry Scodatis and Connor Payne Phoenix made me sit back and pull the notice.

Even the work of Dylan Wengel-Halls has made room for others, and the overall offensive sizes seem to be working as a treat for John Aloisy, as we enter the biggest games of the season.

This is why United can win this match, yet they are playing a team that has forgotten how to lose.

The last victory in the A-League was on 16 February and the level of confidence in Tony Popovich’s team must be skyrocketing.

I think the defensive skills of the West can lead well if they establish one and the challenge of victory will be to transform the possibilities they have created, otherwise a frustrating day in the office may be unveiled against the stingy men in green and black clothes.

Western won the first leg of the semis.

Leo Lacroix

(Photo by Graham Denhom / Getty Images)

The catastrophe of an A-League men’s final series is tempting and Adelaide has a brilliant chance in front of the home crowd and overturning City’s feathers with all the expectations of the spectators.

Such a result would set a huge return leg and with City still not finding their best since returning from the Asian Champions League qualifiers, this is probably the right moment to hit for the Reds.

Juande and Isaiah hold the castle tightly in the middle, while both Cusini Yengi and Craig Goodwin should simply tattoo the word ‘dangerous’ on their foreheads.

I see a result that will make the final series even more exciting and will have Adelaide Cock-a-Hoop ready to send its boys to Melbourne this weekend to finish the job.

Taxi Smith
Victory, Adelaide

Victory fans may not get enough for AAMI Park, even supporting Wellington from their usual spot in the North End because they missed a glittering premiere.

They are back as an away team for the first leg of this midweek, but they will have no problem with being outnumbered or outsourced.

Victory is the team of form and you have to go back to their three-game losing streak in February to find any chink in their armor.

At Leo Lacroix, Western United have the men needed to stop the victory on their tracks, but he cannot do it alone.

Despite Alexander Prizovich delivering the goal and the motor that Dylan Wengel-Hulls roars in and around the penalty area and shows a shaky victory at the start of the defense, it will be the spectators who will go ahead and score two goals on the run.

Nick D’Agostino will go a long way to get a great finish for the first time after losing a ball to Jamie Young from behind and United are working on how to get back into the game, finish the game a second from the head of Francesco Margiota and Give the dance a glorious chance to move forward.


(Photo by Queen Rooney / Getty Images)

Adelaide’s mood is one of optimism as their over-the-top heroes sign off for the season at Coopers Stadium Calderon.

They know it will be tough against current Premier and champions Melbourne City, who have given themselves some time to calm down after weeks of frenzy.

Jamie McLaren will be appointed as the lone striker in the odd formation as City look forward to finishing homework over the weekend.

Stefan Kolakovsky will be hired to give the city team some X-Factor and Marco Tilio will be given a free role to make things happen in the middle of the park.

This is probably the future of the city, but they will be found out. It’s a pleasure to watch United play live because the Wide Men are shooting again.

Forward Cusini Yengi’s long legs and height will be the focus of all crosses, but Hiroshi Ibusuki will score first for Adelaide, leaving a deep Ryan Kitto unmarked ghost to finish the cross that holds City’s defense flat-footed.

City will hit back immediately, Matthew Leakey is drilling a shot from a distance that Joe Gaussi can’t hold, then McLaren is pounding to poach an equalizer from outside the yard.

But a fantastic second-half sighting provided Craig Goodwin with an icing on the cake before he could win and convert to a penalty, volleying Lachlan Brooke’s teasing cross from the edge of the area to burn this tie.

City’s stellar season is over prematurely?

Semifinal (Leg 1) Mike Simon Stuart Taxi The crowd
Previous total 68 67 75 73 76
Last week 2 1 0 2 1
New total 70 68 75 75 77

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