The roar of the experts: Who should be the next full-time coach of the Bulldogs: Flanagan, Green,

Canterbury have become the first team this year to go “part way” with the coach, following Trent Barrett’s decision to fall on the sword following a boardroom conspiracy suggestion that he is going to get punted anytime soon.

The search for the Bulldogs’ next full-time coach continues with NSW Cup mentor Mick Potter in breach of caretaker authority for the rest of the season.

Should dogs go with experienced coaches like Premiership winner veteran Shane Flanagan or Paul Green?

Or they should try new faces like St. Helens mentor Christian Wolf, Roosters assistant coach Jason Ryles or Penrith’s Cameron Siraldo.

Then there are a number of candidates who have had a brief stint at the NRL, such as former Sharks coach John Morris, Dean Young – who was a caretaker at St. George’s Elvara and now an assistant to Cowboys or Josh Hannie, who has been admitted to Cronulla and North Queensland.

Or Canterbury general manager Phil Gold himself stepping into the coaching hot seat even though Gus said there is no such thing in the world when asked on Tuesday.

Roar experts have their say and if you want to do the same, skip to the comments section below.

The roar of experts – the next Bulldogs coach

Michael Hagan (Premiership winning player and coach)

I’m going to tell Shane Flanagan that he’s been in touch with Gus since he was a director on the rooster, and that Flanagan was Ricky Stewart’s assistant in the 2000s. He will have a good handle on the Canterbury footprint and junior development system and will be able to get the best from his son Kyle at halfback.

Paul Sutter (Roar Specialist)

Paul Green has credentials of premiership and he is a fresh outside voice removed from Canterbury’s internal politics. He didn’t have a very good run with the Maroons at the Origin level last year but at the NRL’s Week-to-Week Grind, he has proven over several seasons at Cowboys that he can get the best out of a team.

Green deserves a lot of credit for winning the 2015 Premiership but to reach the Grand Final two years later when the Cowboys did not have Jonathan Thurston or Matt Scott available.

Maroon coach Paul Green watching

(Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

AJ Methane (Roar Specialist)

Philip Ronald Gold AM. There is no better time to prove yourself. Up or down, goose.

Mike Mihal Wood (Roar Specialist)

They have to fix their attack first and foremost – John Morris has an offensive chop and has also worked as a head coach relatively recently and, importantly, actually wants to be the Bulldogs coach.

If I were Paul Green or Cameron Siraldo, I would run one mile from Belmore, and if I were Shane Flanagan, I would run one mile from Gus Gold.

They should get Christian Wolf or Steve McNamara, but no one will leave until the end of the season. McNamara would be an inspirational choice as he has led the Catalans to 10th and won the Challenge Cup and just reached the Super League in a grand final, but Australian clubs are more likely to hire a Martian than anyone else so he is a non-starter.

Dean Pay Bulldogs coach

Dean Pay. (AAP photo / Mick Cicas)

Joe Frost (Roar Specialist)

The Canterbury Board should eat some humble pie and get the job back Dean Pay, Who did better than Barrett with a much worse roster. Never? Sure. But what a decent coach is going to say yes to this gig a poison – especially Phil Gold admits that at least 18 months of pain will still come.

Mary Constantopoulos (Ladies Who’s League)

I’m almost sorry for those who have been named as the next Canterbury coaches, but my view is that we must not look back but look forward. A failed coach is not the answer (that failure comes in a win / lose ration or off-field behavior). I want to see Cameron Ciraldo or Jason Royles Get a chance; But taking the Bulldogs as your first coaching gig is a big gamble.

Daniel Smith (Roar Specialist)

I have been thinking about this question since the news broke and I still do not know who should be given the responsibility. The catastrophe that the club is in, I think it needs to be someone who has been in the top position before, not trying to get through the assistant coach. Not as much as I think Shane Flanagan An under 6 team coach should be allowed to coach a top grade NRL team ever again, if that means he has left the Fox commentary team I might be able to get on board!

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