The Reds weren’t allowed any hits and there was still a way to lose

Hunter Green # 21 of the Cincinnati Reds walks the dugout in the eighth inning during a game against Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park on May 15, 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
(Photo by Justin Burl / Getty Images)

It’s safe to say that the Cincinnati Reds are an absolute dumpster fire at a ballclub.

They have made a historically bad start and even now that they have won a few more games, they still have found a way to lose their vast majority.

On Sunday afternoon, they found another way to lose.

Starter Hunter Green went 7.1 innings without allowing a hit against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

But even in the midst of Green’s dominance, the Reds could not muster anything of their own, allowing the only run to play on a fielder’s choice below the eighth, losing 1-0 and making the Pirates the first team. The Los Angeles Dodgers did it in 2008 as a no-hit and won.

Have a brutal day in Pittsburgh

If you’re the Reds, this is a great way to lose a game.

Your starter does not allow a hit and still loses the game.

Of course, the MLB had to take action and destroy it, saying it was not considered an official no-hitter because it was not a full nine innings.

But it almost seems like they said that as a way to soften the blow for the Reds and their fans.

In every baseball fan’s book, it counts as a no-hitter.

So yes, the Reds tossed a no-hitter yesterday and still managed to find a way to lose.

It doesn’t get any worse than that.

Green certainly deserved better with the way he threw the ball yesterday.

But again, the Reds lose a game in heartbreaking fashion.

You’re not often going to see a team toss and lose a no-hitter, but yesterday, things went kind of crazy on the baseball field.

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