The Raiders survived three bins for the Sharks 30-10 jump in the Magic Round

Canberra picked up the biggest boyover in the magic round so far, cutting three scene beans to beat the Cronula Sharks 30-10 at Suncorp Stadium.

Charlene Nicole-Clokstad, Elliott Whitehead and Corey Horsberg all sat for the period, the riders manually defending to make up for the deficit.

After the Sharks firmly defended their win against the Warriors last week with 11, so did the Raiders when they overlapped between Ben Whitehead and Horsburg.

As impressive as the Raiders were, seeing sharks under Craig Fitzgerald was the worst.

With Will Kennedy suspended, they were forced to fullback Nico Hynes and bring in Braden Trindal halfway through. All the solidarity built on ten rounds of football seems to have vanished into thin air in Brisbane.

The statistics were wild: Cronulla had 55% possession and 60% territory, the riders had a full ten sets of tackles on the line. Even then, they managed to score only twice.

It’s hard to remember a shark performance as bad as this. Errors will occur, but the method of error is different from this iteration of Cronulla.

They are adept at making their mistakes in the correct position, delaying the tackle count while promoting the ball. Here, they gave the Raiders a chance to see the game disappear in the first half.

That is, taking nothing from the Raiders. To counter the wave of attacks they have done very high, kicked long and fought for their lives. As bad as the sharks were, the Canberra made them look bad. The faders tag that has dogged them for years does not apply today.

Defensive agency was shot early, Seb Chris easily started scoring, claiming a Matt Freally kick.

Nico Hynes, returning to fullback in the absence of Will Kennedy, dropped a run and after restarting the set, Josh Papali was able to over.

Brad Snyder then added a penalty for Cronulla before the Real Killer conceded.

Sion Katowice, often among the best on the ground in black, white and blue, endured a ten-minute nightmare where he dropped a bomb directly on Corey Haravira-Naira for an attempt, then Jordan Rapana was ultimately defeated for another. Luckily for the sharks, the second had an offside.

Meanwhile, a rare shark attack resulted in Nicole-Clokstad sitting in charge for a professional foul.

Getting the lead in the first half was certainly not a problem for the Raiders. They were hanging onto, and the second half started badly.

Corey Horsberg was bent for a professional foul on Ronaldo Mullitolo and was eventually told to take the laser back to his side with Katowice, completing the first part of a tough backline game that the Sharks had managed all day.

From the kick-off, Dale Finuken was caught by Elliott Whitehead: The Englishman joined the bin in Horsburg, Cronulla was done with a clear injury for the day.

Riders tend to give opportunities. Nicole-Clokstad allows herself to be touched by standing in the corner and when Cronulla is forced to knock on, Canberra pushes it straight back.

The sharks didn’t look so isolated all year, but they couldn’t even refuse the invitation. It was rarely a striking offensive game that marked much of 2022 in Shire, but Royce Hunt was able to change the tackle and score.

Once the Raiders are back in full swing, they throw the game into bed. Jack Woolford, quietly impressive from the NRL debut dummy half, broke straight in the middle to give Brad Snyder first place in the top grade.

There was still time to make a symbolic flower stop: a shark backline run failed, Braden Trindal flicking the ball straight to Hudson Young to underline the result.

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