The Panthers hold on to the top, the Warriors drop and make a lot of movement

We chose a Wednesday power ranking last week, to take some time to think and really get our heads around what happened. And so much more happened: the original deal The Cowboys underlined their real deal with a great win against Melbourne, the Banis slide continues and the Broncos continue to rise.

That means one more week of cuts and changes to the front rankings: so let’s dive straight into it.

1 – Penrith Panthers (-)

Well, when we said cut and change নেই there’s no top, because those annoying panthers continue pantering. We can also put fresh air between one and two on this list, because Penrith is much better than everyone else at the moment.

I fully expect that they will clear the floor with the Cowboys at T-Time on Friday – although it may start at 6pm on the best Friday of all time – and then give their entire team a month’s rest during the Origin period.

Speaking of which, there is a chance to further underline their dominance: in the first Origin-infested round, the Panthers (more precisely, their NSW Cup team) will face 16th-place Bulldogs. They will win.

2 – Melbourne Storm (-)

We’re not panicking at the roar power rankings here. Yes, the storm lost fairly heavily to the Cowboys, but come on: it was a storm without much of their backbone and was not a true representative sample of what Melbourne could offer.

It’s certainly not the Cowboys’ fault, but I don’t believe Storm won’t win if they meet in the final and the Victorians have enough runs on the board to make them the second best team. Unless otherwise stated in NRL.

3 – Paramatman Hills (+1)

Paramatman is in third place for the same reason Melbourne is in second place: they will be better in the long run than North Queensland and will not relocate until there is a long-term decline in performance.

Let’s read this again: Para loses to NQ (it’s bad), then loses to Penrith (it’s good), then loses to the roosters (Homer looks at the surprised shopkeeper), then beats Manly (it’s good). As mentioned earlier, losing to the rosters is not a bad thing at all when they play like a proper team, especially when you have performed like a paramatman. They would be great.

4 – North Queensland Cowboys (-)

This week’s entry ‘Why Cowboys Are Not As Good As You Think They Are’ Pantheon warns that if you think Cowboys are the fourth best team in the league, they are just as good as you think they are.

The cowboys are better than expected but expect to fade significantly over time The reason is here. Currently, they rely on a number of young players who are playing very well, but young players cannot do that forever unless they are truly, truly elite. It is possible that Jeremiah Nanai et al assumed that they did, but assumed that they did not, then a drop would come.

Moreover, the Cowboys ’stats don’t really support where they are: they run hard, but don’t break tackles, don’t stand out for line breaks, and can’t play particularly extensively. They are the top eight teams, but not the top four in a sustainable way.

Lachlan Miller is celebrating his debut. (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

5 – Cronula shark (+1)

The switching between sharks and roosters continues as the Cronula hangs forward in the wake of a fairly decent win against the Titans on the Gold Coast.

They lift for two reasons: first, they perform well enough to make me think that some of their side play lessons that lead to defeat against the Broncos and Raiders are behind them; And two, because they have the lightest origin trot.

It’s weird to think that a team wouldn’t have too many origins to climb – only Nico Hines might be missing – but it’s the sharks, who will enjoy a week’s vacation, then the Warriors, Titan and Bulldogs before an Origin-attacked storm.

6 – Sydney Cock (-1)

In this week’s ‘Loss That Makes You Better’ example, we get the cocks. Not really. Most teams will lose to Penrith, and the Roosters are no exception, but it’s hard to see a world where they can be the sixth best team in the NRL and hold that position until September.

Trent Robinson often talks to his team about getting better week by week and, indeed, month by month, and this will be fully tested in the upcoming expansion as they have lost many players to the original, then a horror against Sharks, Raiders, Eagles and Panthers. (Again) away, at home at Plus Storm.

The thing with the Roosters, really, is that they only have to make a total of eight to stay with the Cowboys or the Broncos (say) with a good chance, because in the finals in September, they will be favorites against both. There are many runs on the board.

7 – Brisbane Broncos (-)

I said last week that the Broncos could be the real deal… now I’m less sure. The scoreline finally blew up on Thursday night against the Knights, but the performance that came with it may not be what people think.

This time Brisbane (Quail Wonder) won with more terrible luck through the bunker, and it will be very interesting to see what happens when they fall behind in the attempt of Dan Gaggai. There was an attempt that they should have been removed.

There’s a lot to be said for playing efficiently, keeping well and letting the pendulum swing in your way and Brisbane is definitely good at it. Outside of that though… I don’t know. They are the 10th best team in the NRL, rising to the top due to incredible luck.

8 – South Sydney Rabitohas (-)

I maintain a faith in South Sydney, although it is limited by incredibility. They lost to Canberra, half was rubbish, half was great in losing to the Warriors a week ago.

I wrote an essay this week on how rabbits should do better than them, which I totally stand behind, but I urge them to start doing it sooner rather than later, otherwise I would look very, very stupid.

Luckily, then, the Tigers entered town on Saturday.

Josh Papali extends for the Canberra Riders to score against the South Sydney Rabbits. (Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

9 – Canberra Raider (+1)

Canberra ranks ninth and ninth on the list, although they got there only on the condition that a) they won and b) Manly Gonskis, so someone had to go upstairs.

The Riders certainly look better than any point so far this season, but most of the season they look Godful, I don’t think that means much.

The Southerners have done everything in their power to defeat themselves, but the work still needs to be done and Canberra has done it to their credit. It’s hard to say how durable this form is, because they have lots of blocks that are good enough but not so great, but for now, well done.

10 – Manly Sea Eagles (-1)

God loves manly. They will deal, unless the house price crashes, but they will not be able to deal with the break. Tom Trbojevic is done and, basically, they are so, because so much salary cap is invested in only a few players.

I don’t really see them making it to the finals without him because the backline is so young and inexperienced now, even with Turbo, the Sea Eagles have already lost to all the good teams.

They will certainly still have results and my expectation is that they are better than most NRLs, and the older firms of DCE and Foren will lead them with considerable efficiency.

The problem next week is that their good players are good enough to pick for Origin, but the teams they face – especially the Tigers – don’t really have that problem. That game was easy but now looks very difficult.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - May 20: Tom Trobozevic of the Sea Eagles left the field with an injury during a Round 11 NRL match between the Paramatman Iles and the Manly Sea Eagles on May 20, 2022 at the Comebank Stadium in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

11 – St. George Ilawara Dragons (-)

Regular readers will know that the victory against the Warriors in this column is basically worthless. The Dragons created some heavy weather to defeat the helpless Kiwis, but they won and thus did not lose.

The ongoing problem is that they don’t score any points – 21 against any team other than the Warriors – and they’re going to lose to Ben Hunt, on whom they rely so much.

Also a word of caution: the new found superstar behind is still firmly in Cody Ramsay. She’s not that good. Of course, he’s a fullback, not Moses MB, but yeah … if that were a big idea, I wouldn’t have lived up to my expectations.

12 – Gold Coast Titans (-)

If anything, the Titans could take more from their defeat to the Sharks than win their golden points against the Dragons.

The thing that stopped the Gold Coast was their terrible tackling and for a long time in the first half, it seemed to improve a lot. If they can hold it for 80 minutes, they will probably win.

Back in the two Queensland derbies, one suspects the Titans are going to do something at all this season but it is now or never. They have $ 3 to beat Brisbane on Friday night and if they do, it should come as no surprise, because they have to win and the Broncos, honestly, don’t.

13 – West Tigers (-)

“His replacement will be Jock Madden, who makes an interesting statistical point: Madden, if you match the statistics of the game every minute, surpasses Brooks in things like line engagement, runs per meter and attempts to assist.”

The column felt terribly uncomfortable in the rain at Leichard Oval on Friday night as People’s Champion Jock Madden came out of the shadows of Luke Brooks and created a Man of the Match performance to get the Tigers on top of the Bulldogs.

He returned to Magpies this weekend with Brooks back from a hamstring injury. Still, the Tigers are good at keeping themselves in the game at the moment and this is one of the things that will beat South Sydney right now, so keep an eye out for Saturday evening’s game at Acre Stadium.

Jordan Ricky made an attempt against the Newcastle Knights for the Brisbane Broncos. (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

14 – Newcastle Nights (-)

As commented earlier in this column, when Newcastle loses, they lose badly. It certainly happened Thursday night: the Knights had two bad calls from the bunker, but then a doom entered the spiral that saw them hit late.

On the one hand, the Knights looked good for half, and in Anthony Milford, they have players who can make a lasting difference. Shows him weighs more than 10kg, but it will stop and his touch will come back because he will play more football.

Newcastle will run into the Warriors this weekend and if they don’t get the highest points there they will have to look seriously at themselves.

15 – Canterbury Bulldogs (-)

The Great Bulldogs revival coughed up a splattering start on Friday night, scoring more points than any previous season this season.

Appropriately, the defense broke down and they lost heavily anyway. Boys like Jacob Kiraj and Raymond Faytala-Mariner are expected to make an immediate impact on the team.

Mick Potter has already shown some signs of improving attack – getting the ball out of the hands of Josh Jackson – and with an extra week behind them, we can stay in Belmore to do something special against the Dragons on Sunday. Let’s party like 1986.

16 – New Zealand Warriors (-)

Previously, the strategy for losing the Warriors was to wait for Matt Lodge and Aiden Fonua-Blake to get tired. Now, you don’t even have to: Lodge is playing second-class Brisbane Rugby Union and Adin is injured.

I have no idea what kind of front line the Warriors will actually field against the Knights on Saturday afternoon, and if we’re being honest, it probably doesn’t matter.

Their best two forwards made it to the low meters before they were injured and needless to say, that aspect of their game is not going to get any better.

If they can’t win this weekend against Newcastle – a game where they are inexplicably favorites – they probably won’t win for a while, as they will have Manly, Cronula and Penrith before returning to New Zealand in July. If they have any players who still want to go with them. Or a coach.

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