The NFL is still waiting for the Browns to prove themselves

Cleveland Brown rests on the helmet field before the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on September 11, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The Eagles beat the Browns 29-10.
(Photo by Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)

As the NFL announces their schedule for the 2022 season, everyone is taking a look at which teams have won the primetime game.

With the Cleveland Browns, the NFL thinks they still have to prove themselves.

Of the 32 NFL teams that have played 13 primetime games, the Browns have won just two.

They even got these two games because they are divisional rival games.

If it weren’t for that, they probably wouldn’t get anything.

If the Browns want more primetime games, they have to win the game.

The Browns could get more primetime games if they are in the playoff hunt

One thing the NFL uses in the regular season is a flex schedule.

This allows the NFL to change games based on their playoff effects.

So Browns fans can watch more games in primetime if they are in the play-off race.

However, they must win the game while in the playoff race.

They failed to win a primetime game last season, losing three of their four in 2021.

With a poor record under the bright light of primetime, the NFL found other teams to play at that time.

Until this new Browns team can prove they are the winners, they will not get those national television games.

The Browns need to be exciting to get more primetime games

NFL fans love to watch exciting games filled with nail-biting moments.

However, the Browns are not that kind of team.

Rarely have they done anything exciting.

The last exciting thing Cleveland gave NFL fans was their 2020 play-off run.

It was Cleveland’s first playoff appearance since the 2002 NFL season.

Their first game was against their rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It saw them go off with a Commanding Road win against Pittsburgh.

However, the Browns have not given NFL fans any other standout moment since.

Because Cleveland is not a glamorous team.

Their players don’t have miracle catches.

There is no exciting game with a broken tackle leading to a touchdown.

The Browns don’t just entertain football fans, meaning they won’t get that primetime spot.

However, at least they aren’t the only NFL team without a primetime game.

At least the Browns are getting more primetime coverage than the Detroit Lions

Although the Browns have very few play-off seasons and in between, at least they have great competitive games.

These games have got two primetime slots for their 2022.

Although Cleveland gets just two games, the Detroit Lions are zero.

It shows that at least the NFL has some faith in Cleveland.

Even Aaron Rogers and Green Bay Packers can’t beat the Lions and push them into primetime.

However, Cleveland still has work to do in 2022 to convince the NFL that they are a primetime-worthy team.

While missing primetime isn’t fun, at least Cleveland gets some primetime games for 2022.

They have a chance to do more with Deshaun Watson as their new quarterback.

It’s a silver lining that Lions fans will never have.

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