The MLB team will have to remember the 2019 nationals for a bad start

The Washington Nationals are celebrating after winning the 2019 World Series at Minute Maid Park on October 30, 2019 in Houston, Texas, after beating the Houston Astros in Game Seven.  The Washington Nationals beat the Houston Astros 6-2.
(Photo by Bob Levy / Getty Images)

A lot of good teams in the MLB are going to have a disappointing start in 2022.

The Toronto Blue Jays, for example, just over .500, the current World Series champion Atlanta Braves 16-19, the same record as the one-time red-hot Seattle Mariners.

But it’s too early to fly the white flag: it’s still mid-May, and there’s a lot of baseball to play.

Just ask the 2019 Washington citizens.

“Remember that the Washington Nationals started the 2019 season with a 19-31 record but eventually won the World Series. Stand there! ” Codify Baseball tweeted Monday.

No 2022 MLB team is as precarious as the 2019 Nats.

That squad was bad for weeks and even months.

But the talent won in the end, and that team was extremely talented.

The citizens of Washington in 2019 were a special group

Thanks to the contributions of many more, including Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasbourg, Patrick Corbin, Annibal Sanchez, Ryan Zimmerman, Howie Kendrick, Triya Turner, Anthony Randon and Juan Soto, they made a furious end to the second half and a regular. Season with a great 93-69 record, enough to secure the wild card spot.

From there, their amazing pitching staff, and their great offense took over.

Soto and Randon were monsters throughout the post-season and brought the Knights to their first World Series title.

Who knows if the Mariners, Braves, The Blue Jays or even an unexpected team could be the 2019 nationals?

It is still too early to exclude someone from the regular season calendar.

There are 162 games this season for a reason: it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and those who fight from start to finish will see the benefits and win the final prize.

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