The Mets have commented on the recovery of Jacob Degram

The New York Mets' Jacob Degrom # 48 walked off the field after the first inning against the Chicago Cubs at City Field on June 16, 2021 in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens Borough, New York City.
(Photo by Elsa / Getty Images)

Jacob Digram has been sidelined since the start of the 2022 season due to a pressure reaction on his right shoulder.

He was scratched from the start of his final spring training and was forced to start their season without all the best pitchers in the New York Mets baseball.

The Mets spin, which was predicted to be one of the best in baseball, still performed admirably in his absence.

However, some good news may come soon for Degrees and Mets.

Mets Beat reporter Anthony Dicomo reported today that Degram’s latest MRI results were favorable and his shoulder appears to be healing.

Degrees trending upwards

This is good news for mates.

It seems that soon, Degram may begin to gradually increase the intensity of its throwing program.

There is no fixed schedule for the mound work yet, so it will take him some more time to get to the area.

But a little progress is better than no progress at all and it looks like he is slowly but surely getting better.

The rotation still performed quite well, with Max Scherzer, Chris Bassitt, Carlos Carasco and Tyler Miguel Slack selected.

If and when the degree comes back, that rotation will look even more terrifying than that.

This is a team that is rich in pitching and has a ton of depth.

DeGrom will add it when he returns.

Although in the meantime, the Mets are still going to be without their ace.

The good news is that he is at least moving in the right direction.

At this point Metra could really ask.

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