The Mets account confirms Noah Cindergard to troll after a terrible start

Noah Cindergard of Los Angeles is sitting in the # 34 dugout after being knocked out of the game in the first inning at Globe Life Field on May 16, 2022 in Arlington, Texas.
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images)

Ever since Los Angeles starter Noah Cindergard commented that his teammate Reid Detmars’ no-hitter was a “real no-hitter”, he ate little beef with his old team, the New York Mets TV network SNY.

SNY took Cindergard’s comments personally and thus began an interesting story between SNY and Cindergard.

All we can do is sit back and enjoy it until it lasts.

On Monday night, SNY got the last laugh, tweeting a picture of Cindergard’s line against the Texas Rangers, which, for their achievement, was less than the star line.

Cindergard allowed six runs at the Angels’ 7-4 loss at the Globe Life Field, scoring just 2/3 of four innings.

Thor vs. SNY

SNY is just having a little fun.

Kindergarten has always been known as a person who can be a bit restless in terms of personality, so they’re just trying to get a little under his skin.

But Monday was definitely a night to forget for Thor.

When you allow six runs and can’t even do that in the first inning, it’s definitely not your night.

It’s good to have a beer and forget about it.

But if something like that happens you are definitely not safe from a little roasting.

Each pitcher has a clunker here or there.

Syndergaard has just had his last night.

Although it is good for fans to sit in the TV network of Cindergard and his old team, relax and enjoy the beef.

It’s pretty ridiculous when you think about it.

He is a major league pitcher who is in conflict with a TV network.

We’ll see how far this fight goes and who will finally get the last laugh at the end of the season.

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