The Knights Warriors are back in form before Panga Origin in the fourth round

The New Zealand Warriors put up another disappointing performance to record their fourth defeat on the spin, with Radcliffe beating Newcastle 24-16.

Colin Ponga was the catalyst for a performance in Newcastle that was as good as it needed to be and more than that, with the incumbent Queensland fullback impressing his main rival Rees Walsh.

The Warriors led 12-0 on the back but once the Knights woke up, the Kiwis faded badly and in the end, Newcastle were well worth their win.

Neither side was particularly impressive in the truth, but the Knights had important qualities when it was important and the Warriors were guilty of shooting themselves in the foot in critical moments, not for the first time.

Ponga made two attempts to get back to form in time before the Origin pick, while Anthony Milford, in his second game of the year, looked awkwardly creative with the ball in hand.

Daniel Saifiti, who was suspicious of Origin due to poor form this year, will surely miss due to a knee injury that saw him take off from the field just 23 minutes later.

Marcelo Montoya was sin-stricken and will probably miss the second time this year after putting his hand to Dom Young’s face.

Newcastle have had serious problems with goalline defense this season – as anyone who has seen their defeat at Paramatman will know – and it will bite them quickly.

Freddie Lucic made a key breakdown in the middle of the field to bring the Warriors into position, and from close range, Adam Pompey turned to score with a weak Jake Clifford tackle.

The Warriors ’strong start continued with a rare moment in the half, a flashy backline move that saw Walsh put William Villarreal in for a few weeks for his second attempt.

Walsh fluffed his line in the transition, slipping before the ball reached, but the 19th would have a chance to add two more.M Minutes

The Kiwis may have more points: The penalty goal could be a penalty attempt, as it came from Shaun Johnson’s high shot to score.

Warriors will so often be their own worst enemy and for the remaining half. They had already sent one kick-off completely and overheated the next to give the Knights a good ball.

Although they successfully defended the first set, Chanel Harris-Tevita threw the ball into the yardage and the Knights were able to capitalize, Jake Clifford corrected with a kick that touched Tyson Frizel for his previously weak defense. It was a controversial grounding, but was allowed to stand.

Newcastle then hit their own class with their own moments. Together they form the shape of a strong attack and send Kalin Ponga into space, allowing Edrick Leake to make it 12.

The score exchange at the start of the second half could not have been more symbolic for the Warriors. They made some points for themselves, thanks to Shawn Johnson’s boots and that famous Knights goalline defense that allowed Dalin Watene-Zelezniak to touch the acreage.

They then kick off and let Tuala run untouched from the resulting scrum play. It would be annoying to be Nathan Brown at times.

To make matters worse, Marcela Montoya tied Dom Young’s face for a clear shaking hand and sat herself down for ten minutes, and the judiciary probably took longer to see it.

The Knights couldn’t make the most of their advantage, but Anthony Milford dribbled a kick that got their noses up when Tuala arrived first in the second half of his night.

Newcastle had to keep things tight for the last ten minutes and the Kiwis had to throw everything at them. Perhaps appropriately, with the game on the line, Shawn Johnson noticed a kick in the corner and cleaned the ball to the stand.

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