The ‘junk time’ goal and injury stopped Jack Darling

Jack Darling’s ‘junk time’ goals for the West Coast Eagles are disguised as how bad his form really is, but will the club finally pull the trigger and give them a mysterious forward?

The 2018 Premiership player has struggled since returning to the AFL in Round 2, scoring just nine goals. 2019 Not all Australians are alone, as the Eagles have endured a terrible year.

Covid-19 and injury have derailed the West Coast season and most clubs have been unable to pick 22 fit, AFL-listed players for most of the week.

Darling’s quiet start to the season was almost as expected, as he missed seven weeks of pre-season after failing to meet the AFL’s coronavirus mandates.

Coach Adam Simpson told fans to believe the club’s award-winning forward was on fire for not making an impact on the scoreboard after just four games.

“Jack was seven weeks away from the club,” he told “It simply came to our notice then. I’m not surprised it’s a slow start, but we would love for him to be able to leave sooner rather than later. “

Adam Simpson addresses the Eagles

Adam Simpson, Eagles coach (Photo by Daniel Carson / AFL Media / Getty Images)

It’s been a while now, and hasn’t changed much.

Darling’s nine goals have been served as the club has taken just 84 kicks this year. Of course for West Coast, the only goal he has scored in seven games came late in the match when the Eagles were knocked out.

Even when the West Coast pulled off a miraculous victory against Pice in Round 4, Darling kicked two of his majors in the fourth quarter.

The 29-year-old has never been a rival king in his 245-game career, but he has taken just 14 this year. And those numbers flatter after a season-high four against the Giants last week.

Coaches will always roll out the ubiquitous line that forwards are not just for kicking goals but for Darling having only two tackles per game, three goals assisted and 13 out of 50.

If the Eagle season had not been plagued by injuries and covid, it would have been difficult for the out-of-form forward to sue. Willie Rioli and Josh Kennedy have also been ruled out of the off-field due to injuries and promising young forward Oscar Allen has yet to play this season due to a foot injury.

Simpson had previously said that Darling was the first player to go through the dry spell. The power forward has always been a mystery and one of the most polarized players in the AFL.

At his best, former Eagles four-time top scorer former Russian great Wayne Kerry has all the courtesy and grace.

Only two players in club history have scored more goals than Darling, behind Kennedy (581) and Peter Sumich (511).

No doubt Darling is an extraordinary genius but his brilliance moments are overshadowed by the bloopers on his field.

Dear Eagle

Jack Darling is celebrating a goal

(Photo by Daniel Carson / AFL Media / Getty Images)

West Coast fans have been relentlessly apologizing for his mid-game gaffs, most notably the 2015 Grand Final when he dropped a sitter without a player within his 20 meters (which, to a lesser extent, he repeated in the final moments of 2018). ).

The Eagles are already talking about rebuilding, so naturally Darling’s name has already been tossed around as a trade bait. Every time he goes through a bad patch.

With Kennedy retiring at the end of the season and Allen still working, the Eagles are less likely to part with their star forward.

Struggling to keep their top 22 in West Coast Park, Darling seems to be safe from the cut block for now. But if his lack of form persists and the club expects to welcome a number of players from injury in the second half of the season, he may not be so lucky.

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