The JOC is off, Tate is immeasurable because deep digging will have to be done to end the recession against the Reds

The Queensland Reds finished one run out of four defeats but their horrific run with injury continued with a daring but in the end a disappointing 34-22 loss to Moana Pacifica in Suncorp.

Wallace star James O’Connor stumbled after an innocent kick for 20 minutes when center-back Josh Fluke needed a green whistle after damaging his left shoulder.

The game ended in chaos with Moana Pacifica Crossing to take away bonus points from the Reds. The hosts then thought they would try their best to recover the bonus after the siren but TMO Seru found a forward pass from Uru to Tate McDermott.

The Reds had to show a lot of courage in the second half, coming down to 13 at one point as Moana Pacifica threatened to run over them.

Timosi Tavatavanavai literally took over, going into Beast mode to run clean through the stunned Tate McDermott, who spent time on the wings.

McDermott looked random all night. He was exceptional, as Harry Wilson returned from a concussion, while Jock Campbell made two attempts in the first half.

“I’m disappointed in Flokey and James, too,” McDermott said. “There are injuries and a big part of this season but it has brought this team together. It’s a positive thing for me, but I’m disappointed in those guys.

When Dane Mitchell of Stan Sport was interviewing the Wallabis coach before the kickoff, Dave Renee had a blunt answer, asking him to name a possible Bolter for the July Test against England.

While Renee was not biting, his presence among the spectators added some progress to the competition and the Reds fullback Campbell set up a marker.

Campbell’s first attempt showed great determination while the second had a lot of luck about it, and his performance will do nothing to reduce the controversy over who wears the number 15 jersey in Perth on 2 July.

Favorite Tom Banks, and Renee said he would have no problem picking Brombie even though he has committed to his club’s future in Japan after this season.

Campbell, who has seen Reds team-mate Jordan Pieter challenge down a wing for a month this season, will be hoping he will get a “yes” from Renee when he picks the team next month.

Renee Fraser was even more forthcoming before the game about McRight, No. 7 who is stuck behind Michael Hooper internationally, but when he came back from the flu he played a big game, telling Flanker to work hard and wait for his chance. .

And McDermott also posed a challenge this week, when his Brumbies and Wallabies No.9 rival Nick White signed a one-year deal that made him like Renee’s top scrum half, his best game of the week, working well with the O’s. Connor.

McDermott was crucial in the first two attempts of the first half, Moana Pacifica got a chance after a JOC kick and set Seri Uru loose with a suffocating grab and pass that led to Campbell’s effort.

“Tate McDermott is crucial to this team,” said Tim Horan in Stan’s coverage. “We saw how much he carried this team and how enthusiastic he was about the team that the 9-10 combination was comfortable for the Reds.

Halfway through the space his kick was run by Fluke who passed to cross the McRight.

Moana started brilliantly and dominated the first five minutes, ending with an attempt by Solomon Funaki, converted by Christian Liali’Fano.

Although the Reds found their feet, O’Connor’s deft kick caught them several times.

O’Connor was injured last season and missed the first three of their last four defeats.

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