The Jaguars will be haunted by the Urban Mayor for a long time

Urban Mayer is the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Tennessee Titans at the Nissan Stadium on December 12, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee.
(Photo by Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

The 2022 NFL season is approaching every day, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are looking to put their 2021 season behind them.

However, there is something from last season that has kept his ugly head in Jacksonville.

That’s what former head coach Urban Meyer said.

His past is haunting Jacksonville like Jason Vurhis.

No matter what they do to save him, he keeps coming back.

However, these recent developments could hurt the Jaguar franchise more than they expected.

Former kicker Josh Lambo is set to sue Meyer and Jacksonville

The Jaguar Front Office never thought that hiring Mayer would turn out to be a nightmare.

They are now facing a lawsuit by their former kicker, Josh Lambo.

The lawsuit alleges that the mayor created an unfavorable working environment in Jacksonville, which the party did nothing about.

If the Jaguars knew about the behavior of their former coach and did nothing about it, they would have more problems than this case.

This can tarnish the image of the franchise and cause distrust in the organization involving existing players.

They may have a second thought about playing for a team that allows this kind of behavior to continue.

So that makes the Jaguars worse than bargaining when it comes to appointing a mayor in 2021.

Videos of the mayor’s former players were released before the shooting in Jacksonville

There is a video released in 2018 that hits the Jacksonville case.

In 2018, the controversial activist group Project Veritas recorded interviews with former Meyers players from Florida.

What these players said about the former head coach of Jaguar is impressive.

It’s hard to believe that Jacksonville doesn’t know the history of the mayor through this 2018 video available to everyone online.

If they don’t, they obviously didn’t do their best to investigate everything before hiring him.

However, if they knew about it and ignored the stories of his former athletes, it would have made matters worse.

They have now created a win-win situation for themselves in Jacksonville.

Jaguars Poor Decision Of My Hiring My Hunt Them For Ever

The party will forever be associated with the appointment of their mayor.

They now have to explain every decision to hire him.

It will not end until it is clear why they hired him, what they knew about him and if they ignored his behavior.

However, if the Jacksonville mayor is allowed to do so, it may not be enough for NFL fans or the NFL.

Depending on the level of involvement, this may be a reaction.

They need to think more based on their level of involvement.

In addition to suing and stigmatizing their brand, ignoring issues with the Jacksonville mayor could lead to them being banned by the NFL.

The NFL can fine them and pick the draft if they choose.

A Jaguar team is trying to rebuild in 2022, something they can’t afford.

This makes the mayor’s appointment one of the worst things for the party.

No matter what the team does now, they are forever haunted by it.

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