The infamous Vikings lineman could actually start for the Bears

The infamous Vikings lineman could actually start for the Bears

September 8, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings offensive guard Dakota Dozier. Compulsory Credit: Ben Ludeman-USA Today Sports.

Erase that smile from your face; They’re apparently not kidding.

When veteran offensive lineman Dakota Dozier was signed by the Chicago Bears in March, the move was shaken for a number of reasons.

  1. His most recent performance was with the Minnesota Vikings.
  2. The bear was really excited about the transaction.
  3. Some fans wondered if the acquisition was a parody.

In fact, after the dossier landed on its roster, Chicago tweeted that it had confirmed a “bulldozer”, a curious claim for a player who received a 44.6 grade from pro football focus in the last full season of his career.

With the 2022 off-season looming, it looks like Dozier could actually start for the Bears. The regular season doesn’t start for 3.5 months, but according to credible roster estimates, Dozier could be the “guy” on Chicago’s right guard.

A starting job for the dossier would be confusing as its pass protection is highly questionable. In 2020, he graded a pass-blocking 36.7 score PFF, Which scrapped down the NFL. Also, the Bears hire a young quarterback at Justin Fields, so effective theory suggests that the franchise would like to strengthen the trench appropriately for a developing pedestrian. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Last week, predicted the starting lineup for each team, and – you don’t know – Dozier was listed as the beer starting RG.

And it doesn’t stop there. ESPNO predicts a preliminary role for Dozier. ESPN’s website, which features an in-depth chart for each team, is in the Dozier Bears section. And And a Yes Next to his name.


Of course, the Vikings offensive trenches are not a group of glory, but at least the new leadership has decided to retain a player who consistently deserves the OL mark. The Bears could learn about Dozier’s intelligence this summer and choose not to start accordingly. Or perhaps – a long shot – the dossier will suddenly be revived in Chicago, performing well with a new coaching staff. It is possible.

Realistically, though, the Dozier projection is further evidence that Chicago has created a bizarre offensive depth chart to support the fields. The depth chart at both the top and bottom evokes the irresistible strength of a quarterback side at a glance, who weren’t very good at flat-out in his rookie year. And the etching of the dossier next to the RG only enhances the feeling.

If Dozier makes the 53-man list, he’ll see his former Purple team in 5 weeks when the Bears travel to US Bank Stadium for an unusually early road game in the Vikings. The Bears have not played a single season in Minnesota since September or October 2006.

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