The hilarious picture shows how the warriors are slowing down Luka Donsik

Vote against Golden State Warriors' Andrew Wiggins # 22 in the first quarter of Game One of the 2022 NBA Playoff Western Conference Final at the Chase Center on May 18, 2022 in San Francisco, California.
(Pictures of Harry Howe / Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors know full well that they have something to do – anything – about the Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Donsic if they want to reach the NBA Finals.

Donsik is a machine, a monster on the floor that always seems to find a way to score.

He has undermined the defensive plans of more than one team in the league.

This is why the Warriors really needed something special to destroy his skills.

Apparently, something special was Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins was tasked with slowing down Donsick in Game 1 of the Western Conference Final.

He did just that.

In the opening game of the series, of course, Donsik was stopped.

Looks like Golden State has found a recipe to stop the biggest star in Dallas.

Wiggins stepping up

Wiggins was across Donsick on Wednesday night and stopped him from shooting 5-of-11.

He forces Donetsk to make three turnovers, which Slovenian Phenom rarely does.

All in all, this is the third-lowest scoring play-off game for Donetsk and only the third time in 24 post-season games that he has failed to score more than 20 points.

It is true that all the shots of Donsick’s rivalry came against Wiggins but no one can deny that he was heavily blocked due to the Warriors’ defensive approach.

You would be wise to expect the same plan for Friday night’s Game 2.

The only problem is that Donsick and his team may be able to overtake the Warriors.

Dallas has repeatedly shown that they are a very adaptable team.

They are able to re-adjust and change their lineup and their plans based on their opponents.

This is exactly what they have to do against the Warriors – otherwise, it will be a very short series.

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