The former Origin star is embroiled in horrific mob violence

Former Queensland State of Origin forward Wayne Cunningham has spoken out about the disrespectful mob behavior in the NRL Magic Round after he was caught red-handed in the opening night at Suncorp Stadium.

The former Manley, Cowboys and Maroons forward said he had “never seen anything like this” when he and his family were attacked by a group of thugs who were making derogatory remarks about Cunningham’s son Ethan’s girlfriend.

The 55-year-old back-rower, who played 275 matches in the top grade from 1985-2000, told News Corporation that he could not defend himself when the fight started because his hand was in a sling due to recent shoulder surgery. .

“There were about eight of them … it was disrespectful,” he said. “I have never seen anything like it. Looks like they were there for the stench, not the football.

“My eldest son Ethan was sitting with his girlfriend and they were making some abusive remarks towards him.

“Then it started and hit the king in the middle of my block eye. It was shocking. “

Cunningham said a friend of his other sons and brothers had rushed to help Ethan.

He said he could have “ended up in a coma” if they hadn’t.

“It was horrible that their blockers came down from two sets of seats to get involved.”

Cunningham said his son was rushed to hospital where a scan showed he had a broken sinus bone.

The violence at the north end of the West Stand in Suncorp was filmed by spectators and lasted for minutes before security guards and police officers were able to finish it.

Three of the rioters were expelled and Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan has called for a life ban on those involved.

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