The easiest week is 3 NFL teams with 1 matchup

Detailed image of the NFL logo in a goal post before the 2015 NFC Championship match between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers at Centurilink Field in Seattle, Washington on January 18, 2015.
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The 2022 NFL regular season schedule is set and fans are looking to see who their team is facing.

Some teams match equally but others disagree.

These inconsistent teams have the easiest opponents to face in 1 week of the NFL season.

But which three NFL teams have the easiest games of Week 1?

3. Ravens it with simple jets

With Lamar Jackson recovering from his injury and his 2022 season is over, he needs a simple game.

His offensive line allowed the second-highest score in the NFL, which Baltimore addressed in the NFL Draft.

Although they have improved some offensive lines, it also helps to go against a team tied at 25 in the bag in 2021.

This gives Jackson a team that he can easily differentiate into offenses.

The New York Jets should also be able to easily defend themselves against crime.

They weren’t too much of a threat in 2021 and probably won’t be in 2022.

Everything is fine for Baltimore in this week’s 1 matchup.

2. It is easy with the Falcons of the Saints

This should be James Winston’s first game since 2021 after a season-ending injury.

However, if Rehab makes a mistake, he has little chance of missing the game.

If so, the New Orleans Saints don’t have to sweat against their divisional rivals.

The Atlanta Falcons lost Matt Ryan in a trade and lost top receiver Calvin Ridley for the season.

Apart from those two attacking tools in the vicinity, the team is looking forward to their new quarterback Marcus Mariota for 2022.

Although Mariota has experience of starting quarterbacks, it’s been a while since he started for an NFL team.

Atlanta has other problems as well.

They also lost Russell Gage, Faye Olukun and Lee Smith.

These players were all big part of the Falcons list.

It snatches a wide receiver target, weakens their defenses and also snatches a big time blocker during the offense.

So it doesn’t matter if Winston is available for this game, because the Saints can win this game without him.

1. It’s easy with the Texans of the Colts

Matt Ryan made his debut for the Indianapolis Colts, with no better team to face the Houston Texans.

Ryan is currently back with the best run in the NFL with Jonathan Taylor.

He is facing a party that is completely restructuring their franchise.

So he couldn’t have asked for an easier team to face to start the NFL regular season.

This gives him the ability to say that he is the answer for the Colts after their first game.

However, he still needs to use Taylor and Play-Action Pass to make the most of his first start with a new team.

But if he doesn’t, at least the Texans let him learn new crimes without thinking too much.

In this first start he has a place of error, which he may not get with another opponent.

With the Texans rebuilding and the Colts attacking, the Colts got the easiest Week 1 game of 2022.

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