The Dodgers continue to analyze Clayton Kershaw on a daily basis

Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers # 22 from the dugout after being the all-time strikeout leader of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the fourth inning against the Detroit Tigers at the Dodger Stadium on April 30, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by Caitlin Mulkahi / Getty Images)

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw is clearly not making as much progress as expected.

He is suffering from some inflammation in his SI joint.

SI means “sacroiliac”: it is an injury to the pelvic area.

The team had hoped he would be able to throw a bullpen this week, but those plans are now unclear.

Dave Roberts said, “Clayton Karsh will not throw a bullpen today. He does not know when. This eliminates the possibility of a 15-day IL stunt for Kershaw, although he will continue to throw, ”tweeted Athletics’ Fabian Ardaya.

Although a recent MRI showed no structural damage, it is clear that Kershaw is still feeling at least somewhat uncomfortable, and if he does, he will probably be confined to a few light shots.

Kershaw Mound is not ready for work

The experienced left-hander is currently in the process of catching his recovery.

He is doing it on flat land, because he is not yet ready for mound work.

The timeline of his return has not been set in stone and will obviously depend on his progress and how he is feeling, but early June seems reasonable if there are no obstacles.

The Dodgers are probably grateful that the injury was not related to his elbow, arm, or shoulder, although, given that they are very likely to turn up next season, they are probably slowly taking things in stride with Kershor’s recovery.

They want to keep him ready to rock with the play-offs in mind, so they won’t mind waiting another week or two to make sure he’s pain free.

Future Hall of Fame has a 4-0 record and 1.80 ERA in 30 innings with 32 strikeouts and an excellent 0.73 whip.

Even at 34 years old, he is still as influential as ever, but he needs to recover at his own pace.

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