The cub is unveiling a new statue later this week

A crew member at the Chicago Cubs Ground cleans the Chicago Cubs logo before a game of the National League Championship Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers on October 15, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

The Chicago Breed is one of the most traditional, multi-storey franchises on MLB.

Their fans are loyal to the extreme, which is a wonderful thing: they endured the long World Series drought from 1908 to 2016.

Of these, some incredibly talented players wore glorious blue pinstripes and played at the legendary Wrigley Field.

One of these players, Ferguson “Fergie” Jenkins, will receive a deserved honor this week.

“This Friday, the cubs will honor the Hall of Famer Fergiajenkins And unveil his statue in Galagh’s Way, “the cub’s official Twitter account announced on Wednesday afternoon.

Fergie Jenkins was a pitcher who played with cubs for most of his career.

He went to three All-Star Games and won a Sai Young Award in 1971, becoming the first Canadian and young Harler to receive this honor.

In seven different seasons, he has won at least 20 games and has won the National League several times.

Back in the day he was a true workhorse

Jenkins was the epitome of an “old-fashioned” starting pitcher, often crossing distances in a particular game.

He is a symbol for black players and one of the most talented pitchers to jump in the Major League heap, so he deserves the recognition he deserves.

A member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame since 1991, Jenkins completed his playing days in 1983 with a 3.34 ERA, 284-226 win-loss record and 3,192 strikeouts.

He is a member of both the Cubs and the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame.

Wrigley Field should have a full presence on Friday, as they honor one of the franchise giants; One of those heroes in winning the two most iconic Cube World Series: 1908 and 2016.

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