The Colts continue to be extremely fortunate to find QBs

Chris Ballard, general manager of the Indianapolis Colts, is speaking to the media after a press conference to introduce head coach Frank Rich at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 13, 2018 in Indiana, Indiana.
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With the exception of Carson Wentz Fiasco, the Indianapolis Colts have a great quarterback history since drafting the Payton Manning in 1998.

Certainly, the Colts have been in a crazy quarterback carousel since Andrew Luck retired in 2019.

However, it has been good for the most part.

Let’s take a short trip to Memory Lane and recall Indy’s quarterback history from the Manning era.

Payton Manning helped turn Colt’s fortunes around

Choosing between Payton Manning and Ryan Leaf in 1998 was painful, based solely on their quarterback skills.

However, Manning’s character was different from Leaf’s – when the former took lots of notes and asked intelligent questions, the former preferred to party at night.

Heaven’s team owner Jim Irsa and then-general manager and team president Bill Polyan chose Manning Over Leaf.

For his part, Manning acquired that fitting gold jacket and bust in Canton in 2021.

Post-Manning Era: From Andrew Luck to Matt Ryan

Manning’s neck injury was a catastrophic 2-14 2011 NFL season for Indy.

The infamous “Suck for Luck” campaign unveiled the talented Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck in 2012.

Fortune immediately turned the Colts’ fortunes into three consecutive 11-win seasons.

Unfortunately, fate struck because his short-term professional football career was shattered.

Fate stunned the football world with its retirement in the summer of 2019.

He was just 30 years old and early in his career.

Luck’s backup Jacob Brisett took the reins and led them to seven wins in 2019.

However, Brisett was not a gunman – his lack of a rifle arm caused extensive damage to the Colts’ passing game.

Enter the Philip River.

During the COVID-19-Destroyed 2020 NFL campaign, Rivers helped revive Indie’s Moriband Passing game.

With the River under the center, the Colts have won 11 games and reached the AFC Wild Card game.

The Colts seemed to be in good hands with River in the quarterback.

However, Rivers, who has reached the age of 40, has decided to retire after the 2020 NFL campaign.

The Colts quickly focused their attention on the dissatisfied Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Wentz, who has a history with head coach Frank Reich.

Sadly, Wentz failed the test – when he had a decent season (27 TD, 7 interceptions), he had a tendency to make erratic mistakes at his worst.

Fortunately, Colts GM Chris Ballard acquired the 2016 NFL MVP Ryan in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons several months ago.

Just when it was seen that controversial quarterback Deshaun Watson would sign with the Falcons, he instead signed with the Cleveland Browns for 230 million.

Through some sarcastic twists of fate, Ryan hits the horse’s shoe.

With NFL Rushing Yards leader Jonathan Taylor and a reformed receiving corps, Ryan needs to improve in Circle City by 2022 and beyond.

Of course, Manning’s release a decade ago was heartbreaking.

The same goes for Luck’s untimely retirement in 2019.

However, since Manning was drafted 24 years ago, the Colts’ quarterback position has served for the most part.

Owners Jim Irsey and GM Chris Ballard are in charge, and that trend will continue even after Ryan hangs his clits.

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