The Celtics are making a statement to Miami and the rest of the NBA

Marcus Smart of Boston Celtics is # 36 in Miami, Florida on May 19, 2022 at the FTX Arena in the 2022 NBA Playoff Eastern Conference Final against Game of Thrones Miami Hits in the fourth quarter with teammate Al Harford # 42 in the fourth quarter.
(Photo by Michael Reeves / Getty Images)

When the Boston Celtics swept the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the 2022 NBA playoffs, they looked great.

When the Celtics beat defending champions Milwaukee Box in the Eastern Conference semifinals in seven games, they sometimes look impressive.

However, there are those who have blown away the Celtics’ series win somewhat as a function of all-star Chris Middleton’s dismissal due to the MCL, which has suffered more sprains than Boston did.

But as the playoffs progressed, more evidence was found that Jason Tatum and the crew were competing for the legitimate championship.

Evidence is being made, and the biggest piece of evidence to date came in the Eastern Conference Final vs. Miami Heat Game 2 on Thursday.

The Celtics were dominant in Game 2

In Game 1 on Tuesday, the Celtics were leading 62-54 at halftime, and their defense was controlling the game and keeping Miami at bay.

The second half was a different story, as Miami ran a huge run to start the third quarter and took that momentum to a 118-107 victory.

Most thought the Celtics would return to Game 2, but no one expected them to look as impressive.

They led 35-24 at the end of the first quarter, but it was even worse for Miami as they scored 14 of them in the second quarter.

Halfway through, Boston led 70-45, and the hit never recovered, losing to a final score of 127-102.

Jimmy Butler had another great game with 29 points from 11-for-18 off the field, but the Celtics prevented anyone else from scoring more than 14 points for Miami.

One of the biggest weapons hit in the last few years is the 3-point shot, but they only managed to hit 29.4 percent of such attempts on Thursday.

Boston was offensively impressive, too

The Celtics are not only known as a great offensive team, but they also look strong on the floor.

There were 28 assists in 43 field goals when shooting 51.2 percent overall and 50.0 percent (40-of-20) from outside the arc.

That subsequent statistic is particularly impressive, due to the fact that the Celtics were only 14th in 3-point shooting accuracy in the regular season.

Tatum had another great game with 27 points from 8-of-13 shooting and 4-of-6 from Downtown, five more assists, with Jillian Brown adding 24 points to 9 of 17 and 3 to 4-7 from 17. Did. Point land

Marcus Smart, NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year this season, made only 8-of-22 shots, but his presence was felt otherwise, as he made 9-of-12 shots from outside the arc, contributing nine rebounds, 12 assists, and Three thefts.

Smart missed Game 1, and Boston missed him Tuesday.

It should be noted that this is only a 1-1 series, and a Miami win in the next two contests in Boston will even give the Hits a home-court advantage as well as the series again.

Hit coach Eric Spoilstra is arguably the best in the business, and he can easily make adjustments that will tip the series for his team.

But make no mistake: Celtics is not a fluke.

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