The Cardinals continue to hand out great opportunities in 2022

A detailed photo of a St. Louis Cardinals hat and gloves during a baseball game between Anaheim's Los Angeles Angels and Anaheim's Angel Stadium on May 10, 2016 at Anaheim's Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.  The St. Louis Cardinals beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 6-1.
(Photo by Shawn M. Hafi / Getty Images)

The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the teams that just isn’t always right in the post-season race, a team that finds the role of any player on their list or in their system.

They draft and develop well and often take the right steps to acquire talent.

Last night, their No. 4 prospect, catcher Evan Herrera made his Major League debut.

With the Toronto Blue Jays trailing 7-1 in ninth place, manager Oliver Marmal knew the game was out of reach, so he removed Andrew Nijner, who started the game behind the plate at first base, when Herrera Major got his first taste.

Another one

The Cardinals are always a team that drafts and develops well and finds ways to give players a chance.

Along with Yadiyar Molina on the mourning list, Herrera got his shot and was called on Monday before the series opener with the Blue Jays.

He didn’t get an at-bat, but he could still feel the debut in front of loyal fans at Bush Stadium, who were delighted to see their top catching potential on the field for the first time.

A number of players have been fielded for the Cardinals this year as well.

Guys like Brendon Donovan, Juan Yepez and Nolan Gorman took their shots and ran with it.

This is another example of a young player getting a chance to shoot his shot at the Major League stage.

We’ll see who gets the next call.

Of course, the Cardinals will continue to find ways to show off their young talents.

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